Thursday, May 01, 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

These jimmies aren't going to unrustle themselves, brace yourselves though, it might get hairy this week...

1. Cab Drivers That Try To Take The Scenic Route 
To Avoid  'Works'

 photo tumblr_mevtavhOst1rxis0k_zps6facee7c.gif

2. Realising My Mobile Hasn't Been Connected to the Charger AFTER AN HOUR WAITING

 photo AddisonHasPoisonOak_zps4b784ec1.gif
3. Plastering Unsuspecting Children All Over The Press In The Deluded Hope Of Skipping The Housing Queue

 photo tumblr_inline_n0bq7n372C1qkqkja_zpse915fd02.gif

4. Pink Camouflage 

 photo tumblr_inline_mz5nawT1ug1s3gxk6_zps32857cdb.gif
5. Angry Political Rants On Facebook

I can't tell you how much better that feels. 

Tell us, what's been rustling your jimmies this week?


S said...

Parenting sites, and people who sign up to do a weight loss program and obviously don't bother their arses to read the same information packs everyone else has gotten, then they join the facebook page and constantly bitch and whinge and ask questions like "Can I not have all the toast I want for free then, no?" or "Here is my dinner, do you know how to count it?" Why did you eat it if you DON'T KNOW WHAT'S IN IT YOU A ABSOLUTE NUMPTY?!! Then they constantly post pictures of desserts and chocolate crap and go "Oh I've been bold hahaha back on the wagon tomorrow!" Just go. GO. Jesus. CHRIST.

Claire said...

People that look at you like you have ten heads for eating healthy and proceed to tell you how they can eat whatever they want because they're on weight watchers whilst eating a double decker for breakfast ("its only 3 points and I'm having ryvita for lunch") fast forward to weigh in day and incessant moaning about not understanding how they put on 6 pounds. Aaaah that's better.

Makeup Monster said...

My bikini line, I can't even see it at the moment with pregnancy let alone keep it in control haha!

thecheekykiks said...

Mobile phone customer care "chats online" please can I just speak to a human being?!

stonebabies said...

Car broken down & living in the sticks nearest anything is a 5 mile walk. Aaaggghhhhhhh Whose fantastic idea was it to move anyway?!!!

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

People leaving comments on the Facebook page that make them look like idiots. Example: piece about Idris Elba WITH a photo of him & woman leaves a comment "I've never heard of her, who is she?". Slow clap. Also people who read a Waterford whispers piece, share it thinking it's real & leave a comment about what a disgrace it is. Scarlet for them all. ALSO- nonsense "quotes" floating around like "it's hard being a woman because you have to think like a man, act like a lady and work like a horse". WHAT??? *hulk smash*
I actually DO feel better now!

Karen Mulreid said...

Sharon (Green eyes) Oh God, I have that with some parenting groups I'm on on FB, particularly one about baby led weaning. People joining not knowing a thing about it (it's a specific type of weaning, starting at six months) and their FIRST post is 'What baby food can I give my baby?' EH NONE! This is a baby led weaning group, there is no jarred baby food here! No judgement, feed your kid whatever you like, but this is a VERY SPECIFIC group about a VERY SPECIFIC type of weaning. Did you not read the group manifesto yoke before you joined? Or even, you know, the NAME of the group? Or even, you know, read a few posts before you post? No? No? Oh, ok then. Like, you wouldn't join an exclusively breastfeeding group and ask which brand of formula to use, you know? Drives. Me. Mental!