Wednesday, May 21, 2014

EYE Bright - Top 3 Solutions for Tired Eyes - Guest Post from Snapped Up

This morning we are joined by Stephanie from One of the most put together and ambitious gals in the Irish blogging community these days, her love of all things pink and the head on her shoulders led her to intern with tan of the moment Cocoa Brown, so impressed were they with her work that she's now their PR & Marketing Exec - Go Steph!

Take it away, Stephanie!

Its one thing to get your skin looking great but another story all together to brighten up tired eyes, especially if you're…well, constantly tired.  Whats worse, it's usually the first place a person looks when you meet them, unless they have some freakish social anxiety disorder and can't look you straight in the eye. In that case, you probably shouldn't go there.

Truth is, tired eyes are the most common thing in the world like back pain or migraines. Who doesn't suffer from them? Foundation helps cover up lumps, bumps, redness and even gives us a more tanned complexion. However, to get rid of those dark, swingy under-eye bags is a more tricky task. 

Fret not, my friends. I am queen of under-eye baggage and I can assure you, mine was not always Louis Vuttion baggage. I want to share with you some products that, in just one whizz, will change your fake Prada bags into, er…looking not so fake. 

On a Monday morning, who doesn't need an 'instant lift'? I'm a huge Clarins fan and this product lifts and lives up to its promises  - Its one of my favourites from their range for sure. 

The concealer is a runny, thin consistency which allows it to be swept and blended under the delicate eye area.  It has added aloe vera so not only does it hide tired eyes but it refreshes and soothes 'em too. For €24, its sounds close to the price of a foundation but a little goes a long way and I can honestly tell you mine has lasted over 6 months at this stage. €24/6months = not that expensive. 

This is a newbie from GOSH and I absolutely love it. Its really been a while since I've got my hands on anything from this range.  The Prime and Refresh Illuminating Eye Roll-on is a refreshing roller ball that you glide under and over your eyes before you apply your makeup. It leaves a trail of white liquid which you then blend right in making a smooth surface for makeup to adhere to. 

The product gives you a boost on application, with its cool, sensual rollerball. Also, when you blend it in (I just use my finger)  it sets into your skin it counteracts the dull shade of your skin, brightening it up and also tightening it in!

How could I finish up this feature without a special mention for my main man, YSL. This is a pricey product but worth its weight in gold. I pick one up whenever I'm in the airpot to save a couple of yoyo's on it and it has definitely become a makeup bag staple of mine.

The best thing about this baby is that its suitable for all skin types and I think thats why its loved by so many women across the world. The award winning sleek beauty tool claims to be "powered by the radiance-boosting Luminocaptide Complex".  I'm not so sure what that is, but it definitely works a treat for me. 

This product also doubles up as a highlighter too, which is no harm considering the price tag.  I take it everywhere for little makeup touches on the go and it looks pretty sleek too so I'm only too proud to whip it out in public. 

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