Tuesday, May 20, 2014

One Shadow To Rule Them All. The Eye of Satin Taupe! - Guest Post from Dolly Rouge!

This morning I'm delighted to say we're joined by one half of one of my favourite Irish blogs, Kat from DollyRouge.ie. Kat is a no nonsense, tech savvy sweetheart, working on a post grad in medicinal chemistry and debunking the beauty blurbs one by one. If you have a question about 'the science bit' Kat is your gal, also if you're a bunny lover, I've no doubt Kat is your pal too. Be sure to head over to Dolly Rouge to check out their straight up awesomeness as a blog. 

Take it away, Kat!

In the Land of MACdor where the shadows lie... Ok I'm sorry I'll quit with the LOTR quips now. I just couldn't help myself!

There's a belief in the beauty world that one needs an array of eyeshadows in every colour of the rainbow. An eye look is not complete without using at least 173 of said shadows on the little canvas that is your eyelid. YouTube gurus, makeup artists and bloggers alike are all guilty of perpetuating this myth. Well, as the laziest beauty blogger in the world, I'm here to tell you, IT'S ALL LIES. Srsly. All you need is one shadow. O.N.E.

Not good at pairing complimentary colour combos? Haven't quite mastered the art of blending? Have about 0.2 seconds to get yourself together in the morning? This post is for you. The key is to pick an eyeshadow with duochrome, and it can do all the work for you. Case in point? MAC Satin Taupe. I'm sure many of you have this in your collection already. If you don't, don't rush out and buy it. Wet N Wild do a perfectly passable dupe in their Silent Treatment trio, the one marked “eyelid”.

So here's the story (Rory). MAC Satin Taupe/ Wet N Wild Silent Treatment Eyelid shade is a mushroomy, brown-taupe shot through with a silver frost. The silver frost catches the light, while the taupe hides out in the recesses. This means that when applied all over the lid and blended into the crease, Satin Taupe alone does the job of multiple shadows – giving brightness on the lid and darkness in the crease. Don't believe me? BOOM.

For a daytime look, apply with a fluffy blending brush, ensuring to soften the edge above the crease. Pair with your daytime liner/mascara of choice and a nude lip and get out the door! It's a lovely, work appropriate look.

For a nighttime look, also smoke the shadow under the eyes and pair with black liquid liner, or smudged out kohl on the upper lid and water line. It goes very well with a strong lip, as the following pictures show.

There you go, that's my precious secret. Most times I've had compliments on my eyeshadow in my YouTube videos, this is what I've been wearing. Another one to try is MAC Club, which is a darker brown with teal duochrome. The teal comes through on the lid and the brown marks the contour. Gorgeous.

Will you be trying The Eye of Satin Taupe?


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