Thursday, May 08, 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

Have my jimmies been rustled this week? Have they? HAVE THEY?!?!?!?

They have. 

1. Trying to Untangle Bra Hangers in TK Maxx

 photo rage-11_zps28b47d69.gif

2. The River Island Sales Assistant Not Knowing Who Crystal Barbie Is..

 photo tinagif01_zps60677fda.gif
3. Hair Flickers on a Packed Bus

 photo Sweeney-Todd-gifs-sweeney-todd-23522262-475-269_zpscfd649d6.gif
4. People That Feel the Need to Say 
'Goodnight' to Facebook'
 photo tumblr_inline_mlpr9xnzyq1rnvwt1_zpsec27154e.gif
5. Wasting a Night on a 'Hilarious' Show Only for 
it to be 
 photo tumblr_m0509tefKW1rn95k2o1_500_zpse08007b1.gif
Tell me, what's been rustling your jimmies this week? This shizz is cathartic, yo!


Rob Jordan said...

People with no concept of how to do their own job thinking they are qualified to tell you how you should be doing yours. Hilarious if not so tragic. Karma is coming.

Claire said...

My jimmies are rustled this week! It's a miracle

Unknown said...

People that come up and stand RIGHT beside you at the counter in the Post Office while you're still being served! And then look at you like you're the one in the wrong! Grrr

S said...

Election posters. Geebags everywhere.

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

Love that first gif. Let's see, mostly this week it's politicians HAMMERING my door down. Three of them called by 12 midday last Saturday..ffs!!