Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday Moments - 20/04/15

Happy Monday one and all!

You might have noticed that we did a little Monday's Moments Giveaway over on our FB page (Link to the left there) to give away a little sparkle and brighten up someone's Monday, well we're doing the same today. Click Here to Head on over to add your Moment and be in with a chance to nab yourself a Happy Monday prize!

As for Moi - in no particular order of deadliness: 

1. I Often Send Pics of 'One for Sorrow' Magpies to My Sis to Rustle Her Jimmies - This Week I Ran to the Window to Snap One, Tripped Over the Hoover & Snotted Myself - SHE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW (yet)

2. Walking the Length & Breadth of Bettystown Beach to Blow Off the Cobwebs

3. Catching the Avengers Preview & Spending 
an Unplanned Day with Mah Eldest Boy

4. Discovering That a Colleague Keeps Free Range Hens That Lay THE MOST DELICIOUS 
Organic Eggs

5. Signing Up For A Sponsored 
Road Safety  Campaign 
(Having Been a Road Safety Officer for 7 Years!)

That's just some of the little things that are making this Monday rock for me - tell us - what's chasing your blues away today? 

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