Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum - Quarter Life Crisis Averted?

Yep, Origins are one of my favourite high-end skincare brands but in the case of serums for your #QuarterLifeCrisis, I know when I'm bate. Instead of  using the serum myself, because, let's face it, I'm slightly older than the target market *coughs* and that'd be cray, I've enlisted the help of not only one of the funniest, wise beyond her years gals but also the creative genius behind one of my favourite blogs John, It's Only Makeup. Could Lorraine's face get any fancier? Let's find out: 

Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum, €42, is the new kid on the new block. Skin care ranges for millennials are being improved, expanded and launched at a rate of knots. Keep reading - if you look away now, you'll look back to find this page has been replaced by a pot of a twenty-something's face cream. Business is booming.

Reserve judgement for a second. I was sceptical when the hype reached me, and almost wrote it off as another underarm brightening cream marketing fail (or win, if creating problems where there aren't any lines your pockets). After research and a good aul think, I'm on board. There's the teen market, which is blemish-busting gels and light lotions. Follow on from that, and you're onto anti-aging creams. Now, there's a handy middle ground for skin that isn't in the throws of puberty but still suffers with growing pains.

Origins Original Skin Renewal Serum is my favourite newbie. It's different to most serums that I've tried, in that it quickly soaks in and leave a velvety finish. I'm thinking that's intentional and done with fickle young adults in mind; a more comfortable, less slippery consistency is a great base for makeup, especially when you want to get it all done without faffing around too much. 

That finish ties in with its blurring tech - there's a dose of algae oil to reduce the appearance of pores. It's subtlety tinted in pale peach, which I think is where the radiance boost comes from. Both of these effects are temporary and purely cosmetic. You'll wash your glow and little pores down the drain when you remove this, but it's nice while it lasts and, again, a welcome enhancer under your foundation.

Long term skincare benefits are geared mostly toward skin with texture issues, the odd spot and general shine. It's got salicylic acid and chestnut seed extract, which purify and reduce inflammation without stripping away too much moisture. The drier areas of my face are coping just fine with this, and the oilier areas are being kept in check.

If you're starting to invest in skin care, make having a look at this a priority.

You'll pick up Origins Renewal Serum in all large Debenhams & Boots stores or online HERE. And you'll see more of Lorraine's whip smart reviews HERE

Tell us, are you in the market for millennial skincare? 

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