Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday's Moments ~ 13/06/16

Hello & Happy Monday to you! The sun has come back to join us, our boys in Green are about to take to the pitch and our world, in Casa Cherry, is quite possibly about to change - you best believe this Monday has its Moments...

1. I mentioned a couple of weeks back that I've been doing well in the weight loss fitness stakes - well this past week was spent trying on clothes that haven't fit in YEARS. 

Not only is that the stuff of elation for me but these clothes aren't even in the shops anymore - it's like Win/Win!

2. The legend that is Aaron finding my lost voucher! I can rest easy that I wasn't unintentionally overly generous after all. 
The Primark sports socks are on me! 

3. Starting in my new Department of the IRL job. Not only are the people some of the soundest I've met, the work is genuinely interesting AND I FOUND AN EVEN BETTER HIDEY HOLE!!

4. Realising that I've full on turned into my Dad. When he came in from a pint or two he'd sit us down to regale us with music vids of all the greats, ABBA/Marty Robbins/The Cars/Bonnie Tyler... 

It dawned on me as I squiffily Chrome casted Spotify Club Classics from upstairs to the living room where Aaron was sitting that the transformation is complete - #jesuismyowndad 

5. We took the step to go to Dogs Trust on Saturday to see if they had a Rottie in need of rescue. Well... we couldn't pass Heidi... She's an American Bulldog, she's had a difficult start and she melted our hearts instantly. 

She came to meet us at home & be introduced to Boo today - have a look HERE and see if you think she felt at home in any way - I can't stop smiling! Cross your fingers as we head into the next step in the adoption process!

Tell me, what Moment has been chasing your Monday blues away? What's good with you? 

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