Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Introducing Soap & Glory ARCHERY™ Brow Tint and Precision Pencil

I'm going to hold my hands up here and admit that I didn't do a lot to my brows on a daily basis. I can argue that I have neither the time nor the inclination but the truth be told, I haven't an iota of what to be doing. I have them threaded or treated by the Body Shop or Benefit in turn to keep them in shape but that's about it. On a recent trip to London, however, I picked up Soap & Glory's Archery Tint & Precision Pencil and it's all changed. 

Ridiculously simple instructions, non?
Being a lover of most things Soap and Glory I decided to give this a whirl, a double ended doohickey in my perfect brow colour for a tenner? What could go wrong? 

Felt tip first then fill in with crayon

The answer is zero, zilch, nada. Soap & Glory Archery has slipped so seamlessly into my daily routine that it almost went without its own post. The swatch above is heavily done to show you the colour of the product but, in reality, it's subtle, blonde definition that's almost fool proof to apply. 

Every morning I fill in my brows slightly with the felt tip in light feathery strokes, then finish off by shaping with the crayon. The effect is subtle but notable (to me) and lasts for the entire day. Genuinely, I now get why people say your brows frame your face. 

Priced at £10 from all large Boots stores (I can't seem to find the € pricing) Soap & Glory's Archery is available in two shades, Love is Blonde and Brownie Points and is on shelves now. 

Do you do your brows every day? I'd love to know what you're using...

**Edit** As of today, November 5th, in Boots, Archery 
is €14.30 but there's a store wide Buy
One Get One Half Price offer on. Yuss!


Unknown said...


Lovely Girlie Bits said...

This is very interesting altogether, I must see it on yo' eyebrows next time we meet! I want to get the Anastasia Beaverhausen Brow Wizz but if this does a good job, I'll save a few bob!

Unknown said...

This looks great I'm going to have to try this for sure!.


boredmum said...

i want, i need and i will get, this looks fab, definately heading to boots tomorrow to get this, i'm saying a novena tonight that they actually have this, i started doing my brows about a year ago and just use the Catrice Eyebrow kit, which is very good, its just a powder but have always wanted to use a pencil but always made a crap job with it, can't wait to try this baby :)

Angela K Webster said...

I've been looking for an answer to my eyebrow dilemma and this looks perfect. great find!

Celine (McMademoiselleLikes...) said...

I want this!!! Am using an ELF brow kit at the moment: it does the job, but I need the Soap and Glory one, I need it I really do.

Anonymous said...

Eyebrows are key for me - I've got fairly fine hair so I fill them in a bit pretty much every day.

I generally don't use a special product though, I've used brown eyeshadow on a bush and I'm currently using a light brush on my eyeliner just 'cos it's convenient.