Tuesday, November 20, 2012

MAC Glamour Daze: Stolen Moment & Round Midnight Swatches

MAC collections and I don't always get on, it could be that there's a bajillion a month so not only is it impossible to keep up but I kind of lose enthusiasm in a product if it's being consistently churned out. The Extra Dimension and the Glamour Daze collections are a little different though and I'm more than a little in love with them. 

My affair started with Superb from the Extra Dimension release, it's a rose gold skin finishing powder that hasn't left my rotation since purchase in April. As soon as I realised it would be released again, this time with similar eye shadows I was all over it. 

Stolen Moment & Round Midnight: €21.50 each
I'm a big lover of palettes and well priced beauty goods so when I caught a glimpse at the price of these weenchy little pots (€21.50 each) I couldn't help but flinch... but then I swatched 'em..

Stolen Moment
Stolen Moment is a bright champagne taupe in the pan but a deeper shade once applied. With purple undertones and a high metallic finish, it's an absolute beauty on its own or blended into the crease. 

Round Midnight
Round Midnight is a deep burgundy based purple with intense colour pay off, even swatched lightly. Again we're talking high shine metallic finish but used wet it's completely opaque and will not budge once on the skin. 

While both shades are stunning once applied, I'll have to be honest and say that they're really not worth €21.50 a piece. I love them, truly I do but have had buyer's remorse since purchase - I just can't see how MAC can justify over €20 per shadow when the likes of Urban Decay, Stila or indeed Inglot will present a stunning palette for the cost of two shadows. 

Have you picked up anything from the collection yet? Or are we over MACs very many Limited Editions already? 


laura said...

I really wanted whisper of guilt skinfinish (think its from glamour daze collection), was v sad when my sis said it was sold out stateside v fast & she Couldnt pick it up for me but then i got my paws on it in the airport!! Love it! thats the only thing that interests me from the limited edition collections- absolutely agree re whole rip off prices & i also read. that the quantity of product is less than before .puts me off Mac to be honest!

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Ooh these are gorgeous.... Must investigate further, that burgundy one has my name alllll over it

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

Beautiful shades, they look really pigmented.

Amalia J said...

I just bought mine and I too have bad buyers remorse... why oh why?? I love your review and couldnt agree with you more! :)