Thursday, November 01, 2012

Limited Edition & Delicious from Lush: Let the Good Times Roll & Popcorn

We all know I have a bit of a thing for the movies but I also have kinda a huge thing for popcorn and all of it's salty deliciousness so when I opened a Christmas press package from Lush, you can bet your bottom dollar that these two beauties went straight to the top of the trialling pile. 

Once again, I'm wishing the boffins would hurry up with Smellovision because, truly, you need to breathe deeply around these bad boys to appreciate the ingredient combinations. They're rich caramel scents so jaw achingly sweet that they seem good enough to eat straight from the pot. Both Let the Good Times Roll and Popcorn Lip Scrub are Limited Edition for the Christmas season so you're going to want to be quick to get your mitts on 'em. 

Popcorn Lip Scrub: €6.75
While a little steep at almost €7, this caramel scented soft sugar scrub is chock full of coconut and jojoba oils, sugar, sea salt and polenta. Having used it for the past fortnight to banish flakes and dryness on my kisser I can safely say it's worth every cent. 

A manna from heaven if you're a bright lipstick lover or just feeling the effects of the winter weather, Popcorn Lip Scrub will have your lips buffed and kissably soft in seconds. ALSO, a beauty product you rub in and hog the excess? Now you're talking my language, Lush!

Let the Good Times Roll Cleanser: €7.95 per 100g
Made with popped corn oil, polenta, maize flour and cinnamon, Let the Good Times Roll is probably the sweetest scented product I've ever had the pleasure to stick my snout in. A soft and buttery formulation transforms to an almost semolina like consistency once wet but applies easily. 

Soft particles of popped corn provide a gentle exfoliation as you cleanse and once rinsed away the traces of caramel scent are left on the skin. I had reservations about the sweetness of this product and the effect that might have on my skin but have been pleasantly surprised. While not my regular cleanser, as a pampering treat (especially on a movie night in) it's a winner. 

G'wan Smell 'em! 
Both of these products are limited edition for Christmas as I've said so high tail it to your nearest Lush store or check them out online with the quickness. 

Have you tried either of 'em yet? 


Unknown said...

I just love lush products I use bubble gum lip scrub and thats great haven't smelt the popcorn one yet looks good.

Samantha Williams said...

Hi Sue,
Just letting you know the amazingly good news that we were recently told by HQ that due to demand from the staff that Let the Good Times Roll is pretty much definitely being made a permanent fixture in the new year. :)
It's my fave product from the new range too!