Monday, November 19, 2012

Monday's Moments: 19/11

How do, Monday, you've been far too fast coming round this week again but that's more to do with a jam packed weekend and a stuffed full weekend over anything else. There were events, screenings and the final gig of one of my favourite Irish bands shoehorned into my last seven days, so what were my top five moments? Lemme tell you...

1. Mad Maggies Coming to a Screen Near You!

We found out this week that my twin nieces will be taking part in the Late Late Toy Show this year. Needless to say, they're over the moon with themselves. They've been making us laugh for the past 6 years with their lunacy so I'm delighted that others will get to see it too. 

It was a childhood fantasy of mine to get on the much loved show so I'm definitely living vicariously through them. Their little brothers will be here with me and bucket loads of sweeties having a sleepover and watching them do their thang on the telly on the 30th. I can't wait!

2. True Bromance

If you saw my twitter feed through the week you'll know that I was *forced* to attend the midnight launch of Black Ops with the youngest. I had pre-ordered the game for him as part of his birthday present back in July and spent the last six weeks being treated to a daily count down. 

His best mate, Karl, was just as excited for the launch and started to queue at a different shop at 9pm to be first to get his mitts on it, which he did at 12.05. We didn't get back home till almost 2am and the first thing that popped up on Adam's screen as he logged on was a message from Karl 'I waited for you Bro <3'. I couldn't stop laughing, waiting a further 2 hours when you already have the game in your hands? Now that's Bromantic!

3. Meeting an Inspiration

At the Look Good Feel Better event last Thursday, not only did I get to peruse the lovely store and chat with some familiar faces but I got the chance to meet one of my greatest blogging influences to date - the gorgeous Jane THE British Beauty Blogger herself. 

Karen and I got to have chats, laughs and wine (through straws with lemon(?!)) with Jane and it was one of the high points of my blogging life so far. If you follow Jane on the Twitter Machine  you'll know how quick witted, clued in and humorous she is, I can assure you that she's just as genuinely warm and funny in real life. I didn't even fangirl that much in person, how cool is that?

4. Chun Sláinte na Mná

On Saturday afternoon up to 15,000 people took to the streets of Dublin in Savita's name. The crowd was a mixture of men, women and children of all ages and backgrounds and it was a real honour to be part of it. It's very clear that change is coming to Ireland but it's not happening fast enough.

We walked quietly from the Garden of Remembrance to the Dáil where there was a candlelit vigil, a moment of silence and speeches from hugely passionate and eloquent women. The atmosphere was electric and the point very clear, our Government must legislate on the X case. It's been 20 years. For Savita, for me, my Mother, my sister and friends. For every woman that has the misfortune to experience an unwanted pregnancy in this country. No more excuses.

5. Vesele Vanoce! 
(That's Happy Crimbo in Czech)

We got our confirmation emails this week, the Sis and I from the lovely hotel that we're staying in come Saturday week for our annual Christmas Market weekend away.

This year's destination is Prague and I couldn't be more excited. I've never been before so if you have or you think there's something that I really need to see while there do please let me know. All suggestions very much welcome!

What's been floating your boat this week then? G'wan, tell us...


Samantha Williams said...

Argh so so jealous of you going to Prague forChristmas!!
I adore that city and the Chrimbo markets, you'll have a gorgeous gorgeous time. My one tip of advice to you, make sure you're careful with your money! The ATMs there will let you take out 200cz which is only 8e and is dangerous. I spent like 120e on gorgeous souvenirs because I completely forgot about the exchange rate (which is rare for me as I'm very money savvy) as was like oooh only 200 thats a bargain.
Enjoy it though, and pack warm! Tis freeeeezing there at this time of year, Oh and do the palace tour, but don't pay into the cathedral up at the palace, you see as much on the free entry as you do on paid.
Last tip? Bring a really really good pair of gloves.

Sue Jordan said...

Samantha, Thanks a million that's fantastic info and really appreciated. Going to invest in a big pair of gloves this weekend! x

Anonymous said...

Ah Christmas markets! I'm looking forward to my first cold Christmas. We're not getting overseas to a market this year, but will go to a lovely little town in Somerset and also the Bath Christmas Market. Our local shopping centre has a pretty fake looking German Christmas market thing going on with wurst and mulled cider and overpriced tat. Looks a bit odd in the November sunlight... Looking forward to some outdoor iceskating too.