Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday's Moments: 26/11

Coming to you a little later than usual with busy shenanigans going on behind the scenes here at Casa Cherry, I couldn't let the day go without sharing some Moments. The weeks are genuinely flying in with so much going on but I'm very far from complaining. Loving every moment of it but these 5 stand out this week...

1. Text Your Dream

During a meeting last week an MMS popped up on my phone from the youngest gorgebag. This was the picture attached with 12 stunning hogs, his message just read 'This is my dream x'. I had to wait a minute or two until my serious part of the meeting was done before I could send him this link in response with the message 'Maybe for Christmas? xx' 

He didn't talk to me for over an hour when I got home. 

2. Blogger Bitches FTW

It's not often I come across a site that I instantly fall in love with, bookmark immediately, devour entire archive and check daily in the hopes that they've updated content. 

It happened this week though with the Blogger Bitches Tumblr. Run by Ann it's a hilarious, tongue in cheek tumblr of gifs relating to PR and Affiliate Programme peeves. You don't necessarily have to be a blogger to see the hilarity but please, go check these ladies out!

3. What are the Chances?

As you can see from the humongous mileage there, my work car is getting on a bit. As a result every time I switch on the engine the clock switches to some random time with zero connection to when it stopped. It's a pain in the flesh to reset each time so I gave up. 

Sitting into the car on Thursday evening though, I got a surprise. The random time chosen was exactly the right time by my watch! Ok, it was 5.42am instead of pm but what are the chances? Seriously, what are the chances?...

4. Standing Room Only!

Coming up on December 11th, we have the largest event of the Road Safety (My actual job) year , the Axa/Fingal Road Safety Road Show for TY students. It's a stage performance using Gardaí, Fire and Ambulance Services, Surgeons and some victims or family members of victims of road traffic accidents. It's a hard hitting 70 minutes but has proven to be eye opening for the teens concerned. 

Normally I have a little trouble confirming numbers right up to the day of performance (as anyone who's ever organised anything ever will understand). So this year I changed tack, worded the invitation differently to include the words 'Huge demand', 'First Come, First Served Basis' and 'Wait List Details'. As it stands I've 1000 places filled (capacity) and 98 more looking for room. GET. IN.

5. Powering Parking Kindness?

Moment five happened just this afternoon. I was running late for a Lancôme event in the swanky Shelbourne Hotel so grappling for coins for the machine before I even noticed this. 

Some kind soul had left a ticket with 90 minutes still left to run! Now I've done this before when leaving but it's HIGHLY unusual for me to ever see it done or even benefit. It's quite possible that someone was taking part in the Powering Kindness movement for Focus Ireland, either way I'm very grateful. Made my afternoon. (That and Lancôme). 

So tell me, what's been tickling your pickle this week, eh? Eh? 


Makeup Over Mind said...

Sue I was only thinking yesterday that I must tell you how much I really love your Monday moments. I'm a true cynic at the best of times but every now and then I find myself trying to pull forward the positive about my week I think 'well if I was to do a Monday moment's post, what would be in it?' & it genuinely helps me appreciate all the positive things, big or small, that have happened in my life that week. I know it's quite soppy, also unlike me, but I just really wanted to say thank you! X

Sue Jordan said...

Hey Orla, Thanks so much for your comment. Forget the free parking and certainly forget Lancôme, you've just made my day xx

Glitter Mama said...

haha that Tumblr is so funny!So kids whoever left the parking ticket x