Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Popping My Inglot Cherry! Freedom Palette Swatches

I've long heard of the love that's been afforded Inglot shadows but with a cosmetics and make-up range of over 200 shades of eye-shadow, 200 shades of nail polish and over 150 shades of lipstick, truth be told, I've been a little daunted by the prospect of choosing the right ones so I've never actually made a purchase. That's not to say I haven't swatched the bejebus of probably 179 of those shades of shadow but I've never taken the leap. Until last week. 

The gorgeous girls at Inglot, Blanchardstown demonstrating seasonal looks
I'd the good fortune to head along to the Inglot Christmas Blogger event in the Blanchardstown store last week and took the opportunity to chat to the girls and to decide which colours shadows I'd choose to pop my Inglot cherry. 

Freedom Palette with 5 shadows: €36
Being an avid owner, lover and user of the Naked palettes and 6 trillion other browns/taupes/creams, I knew there were more than enough neutrals in my vast collection for now so opted for some deeper autumnal colours to change things up a bit and I'm absolutely thrilled I did. So what do they look like up close, eh? 

DS 471 is a soft olive green that swatches to a deeper shade on the skin. Shot through with silver microglitter, I've been wearing it as both a liner and a buffed out shadow. 

AMC Shine 42 is a golden metallic brown with both silver and gold shimmer but neither show up on the skin. It's warm and flattering with green/blue eyes. 

607 is a colour I'd never normally have chosen but am thrilled I did. A metallic rose red, it's stunning swatched lightly on it's own or as a bright alternative to be used in a smokey eye. 

AMC Shine 40, another metallic (can you sense a trend here?) is a aubergine purple with silver microshimmer that sparkles when swatched lightly. Again I've been using this as a stunning liner option. 

Last and certainly not least is one of the most beautiful shadow shades now in my possession,  Pearl 433. A creamy soft formulation means that this bright olive gold applies like a dream whether worn as a wash of colour or built up to something more. Twice I was asked what I was wearing while sporting this gilded number. 

So my verdict? While the fact that the shadows have no names irks me more than a little bit, I'm now pretty much addicted to this palette and the notion that I'll be building another one very, very soon. I've yet to try the brands other products but feel a blusher splurge coming on. 

Are you an Inglot lover? Any shades you adore that you think I should check out? 

By the By:
I should say that despite feeling a little overwhelmed
at the sea of shadows before me, the Inglot girls 
couldn't be nicer. I'd urge you to pop in and check them out. 


Anonymous said...

That olive gold is beaut! I was turned to Inglot a few months ago and don't use them anywhere near enough.

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I lahhhhhve them allllll..... I may have to pick some up soon but first check my own post to see what shades I have. It does suck they don't have them named but I'll forgive them as they're just gorgeous shades

Unknown said...

Love them all! I haven't tried inglot either but want to try there eyeshadows . pocockins.blogspot.com Sophie xx

Dani said...

I worked in Inglot for a while and I can attest to the eyeshadows' brilliance. There isn't a dud amongst the lot.

I have the same issue with attempting to choose colours though, it's next to impossible (although I think you've sold me a few in those post!) If you want a nosy, there's a good few swatches on my blog here; http://glamournazi.com/2012/09/28/inglot-eyeshadows/ which could give you a better idea of which to covet next!

Sue Jordan said...

I was always too intimidated to make the purchase Sera, so pleased I did :)

Sue Jordan said...

Am in the love with 'em. Also, it's hiiiiighly likely that I'm now addicted to building palettes. The Want is strong in me for more!

Sue Jordan said...

You should give them a shot, Sophie, I honestly don't know how I didn't have them before! x

Sue Jordan said...

Excellent stuff Dani! I'd never get any work done if I was an Inglot staff member. Swatching the day away :)