Friday, November 23, 2012

End of Watch: Movie Review

Who's in it?

What's it About?

Coming from David Ayer, director of Training Day and Fast and Furious, End of Watch is a hard hitting and intense look at the inner workings of a LAPD beat. 

Any Good? 

Gyllenhall and Peña are partners, just returning to the force following an IA investigation of a shooting and are assigned a new district to police. A chance discovery of a small stash leads Gyllenhall to become suspicious, acting on instinct however leads them to a much larger discovery that sees them marked for death by a notorious Cartel operating in the area.

Because the movie is shot under the guise of a class project, we follow the intense action through a hand held camera, dash mounted unit and lapel cameras. This gives the viewer a truly voyeuristic vantage point of both the incredibly close; often laugh out loud funny partnership but also of the fraught, sometimes terrifying situations that the officers face.

End of Watch will have you gripped from the opening scenes and holding tight to the edge of your seat right up to its emotional hard hitting conclusion. Cracker of a film.

End of Watch opens in Irish cinemas today. 


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