Monday, November 12, 2012

Monday's Moments: 12/11

After last week's hiatus, I'm back! Well Monday's Moments is back, Ta muchly to all of you who text/tweeted and mailed wondering where they'd gotten to. Happy to say it's business as usual today and I've got some crackers to make up for lost time...

1. We Tight! 

Number one is a carry over from last week, back when my mate, Barack wasn't sure if he'd be moving house or not. 

He sent moi a DM, yep, I fully believe he personally sent it and that 3 bajillion other people didn't get the sact same message, asking if I'd joing Team Obama and use my Twitter influence to get people out to vote. Needless to say watching his victory speech when he thanked all those that tweeted, called and spoke for him I had the lads' heads melted telling them he was talking about me. You're welcome, B. 

2. Divine Retribution

The fact is I put up with a lot of physical and mental abuse in this house. Sure, I dole out more than I ever get but when your kids see every day as a challenge to out Kato each other in their attacks on their momma then sometimes the best form of offence is attack. (Read ALL the time)

I'm not sure what I'd said to wind Aaron up last week (there's so much to choose from) but when I heard him charging from the hall shouting 'That's IT' I knew I was in for it, that was until at the very last second he tripped on a cushion that HE'D been using on the floor and landed on all fours in front of me. I'm pretty sure we all laughed for a solid two minutes. God. Getting. You. My Child. 

3. Pancake Isseh? 

I'm a lover of an occasional tipple and certainly a delicious one. As such I'm always thrilled to find something new, on date night last week I was introduced to this tasty little number. 

The Pancake (apparently). A shot of Frangelico (hazelnut liqueur) with sugar and lemon. Drank similarly to tequila without the life altering drunkenness or pukeyness. Lick the sugar, drink the shot and chomp the lemon. Tastes exactly like nutella pancakes, honestly. Normally I wouldn't advocate the hogging of alcohol but seriously, you have to try this. De. Lish. Us!!

4. Twitter Xmas Single

This handsome festive devil and I spent yesterday in the company of some gorgeous people for the recording of the Twitter Christmas Single in the Westin in Westmoreland Street. It was one of the most exhausting but rewarding days I've had in quite a while. 

The atmosphere was fantastic as we recorded eleventy billion takes of the original song to be released on December 9th in the hopes of raising much needed funds for Console Ireland. It's an enormously worthwhile cause and we're delighted just to say we were involved even in a small way. Huge Thanks to Brenda Drumm  for organising. 

5. Love/Love

It's back! Moment five has to go to the return of my favourite Irish drama of all time. Love/Hate is terrifying, brutal and brilliant and if you haven't watched it yet I'd urge you to do so as soon as possible. 

It's the only Irish programme that I've ever had to watch through my fingers and last nights explosive third season return was no different. Guns, bombs, rape and murder are just par for the course in this gritty home grown show that gives The Sopranos a serious run for their money. Check out the clip here and let me know if you watched it! It's a leeeeedle bit removed from my Sunday Downton fix but I can't wait for next weeks instalment already. 

So tell me, what's going on in your neck of the woods, anything to chase away your Monday Blues? 

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Lovely Girlie Bits said...

As always, I look at the photos in every post before reading the actual text. So I had my indignant hat on when I saw that photo of a pancake, I was like, where's de pancake?! That's disgraceful behaviour from a restaurant, charging people for a saucer holding lemon and sugar...Took a few mins for me to cop on and read the words.... Am a gobshite!

Glad Monday's Moments are back, last Monday wasn't the same wivout them :)