Sunday, November 04, 2012

Cherry Pick of the Week - Labrinth ft Emeli Sande - See Beneath Your Beautiful

Cherry Pick this week is one of the most beautiful songs released this year. Labrinth is slowing it right down and pairing up with voice of the moment, Emeli Sande. 

I did wonder at first what exactly her 'beautiful' was but that's just the grammar Nazi in me missing the the 'apostrophe e' from the title. This tune is so good that it's made me forget that niggle entirely. 

Just gorgeous. 


Unknown said...

Absolutely lovely Sue - thanks for sharing! I don't think they got the grammar wrong though? Do they not mean 'see beneath your beautiful' as in exterior? xo

laura said...

Love this,defo one of my fav songs released this year!

evelyn said...

The 'your' isn't a grammar mistake, it's poetic licence - 'beautiful' is being used as a noun. Love the song too - definitely the best song of 2012 imo!

Unknown said...

Upon reaching number one, fans asked Labrinth via social networking website Twitter about the spelling. He replied "Can I make something clear! this is twitter! Not an English GCSE haha I’ll spell as BADLY as I wish awritemayte!... Oh is this about #Beneath”YOUR”Beautiful I love how crazy this has sent people…. It was to annoy english teachers and grammar Nazis."

This is an excerpt taken from Wikipedia. Labrinth admits he did not use poetic license--however much we would like to believe he did. How did this mistake get past so many people? I fear for the future of the English speaking world... It does not take a "Grammar Nazi" to figure out this mistake. It takes a third grader. I couldn't figure out what the song meant at first. I was asking myself, "Deep beneath her beautiful WHAT?" Clarity is important. That's why we have rules in English.