Wednesday, August 07, 2013

July Favourites ft BodyShop, Zaija, L'Oreal, Molton Brown, Origins & Extra (Seriously)

July was a mixed bag, beauty wise and some of my faves took me quite by surprise:

1. Chock full of Community Fair Trade camomile, the BodyShop Sumptuous Cleansing Butter (€14.95) melts from it's semi solid state to a soft, oily balm and melts the layers of make up straight off with just a little warm water. My skin feels fresh, clean and comforted every time I use this. You'll want a seperate cleanser for waterproof mascara but for every day? This is beaut. 

2. Advertised as a men's body wash, Molton Brown's Bracing Silverbirch (300ml €22) has been staple in my shower this month. Spicy, wooden, incense laden and (admittedly) masculine, it's an ideal wake me up shower treat and I've gone through 3 minis already - the question is, will I shell out for the full size? The answer is Hell Yesh!

3. Ziaja Cocoa Body Butter (€4.99) was always going to be a winner 'round here with his luscious chocolatey scent but the effects of the Vitamin E and Omega 6 on our skin as been pretty brilliant. I'm loving it for a quick moisture fix post shower and can feel the softening effects for up to two days afterward. For a fiver? That's a win. 

4. L'Oreal's Skin Perfection Radiance Revealing Exoliator (€6.09) is a favourite on Adam's behalf. Claimed from the communal shower collection, this is the first scrub that's actually made a notable difference to his teenage visage. The soap free formulation means no more tight kisser for him and less worry for me. Thank you, L'Oreal. (Psst, it's €4.06 in Boots right now!)

5. Origins Drink Up Hydrating Lip Balm (€15.30) is every bit as juicy as a Juicy Tube with none of the gloop. With Aloe Vera, Apricot Kernel and Avocado Oils this tinted balm is nourishing on the lips and tastes ever so slightly of Murray Mints. Such was my love for the Pink Guava press sample that I've already sprung for the brighter Cherry Pop. It's lush. 

6. Lastly and by no means least(ly) one of my biggest July obseshes HAS to be Extra's new Bubblemint flavour gum (60c!). Tasting just like Hubba Bubba this whitening gum has not only kept sugar cravings at bay but has also kept me from saying things in the heat of the moment when there's been serious Jimmie Rustling going on. It's about as close to a life saviour as a pack of gum can be...

So tell Moi, are you a fan of any of the above? What's been floating your goat this past month? Hmm?

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Anonymous said...

I'm using that L'Oreal face scrub too. It's cheap enough to slather on and I use it on my upper chest. I'm not sure it's wonderful, but it's certainly functional and smells nice.