Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Monday's Moments: 19th August 2013

Did you really think there wouldn't be Moments, did you? In yo' face tech gremlins!

1. Result!

Last week saw the official end of the Eldest Gorgebag's secondary school education with the release of the Leaving Cert results. 

Casa Cherry held its collective breath as he returned with the envelope but YUSS, he only went and aced the blahhdy thing. Got the points he wanted and more than anything else, was as chuffed with himself as I have been since the moment I clapped eyes on him 17 years ago. A good day indeed. 

2. 'I'm a VIP, Momma'

Our second Moment is very closely related to the first in that it happened that night as a result of said results. Results Night!! I was told as Aaron dickied himself up and headed off into the sunset. 

He's only 17 so when I heard a friend would be working the door of their club of choice I was thrilled - when I still hadn't heard a peep from him by 3am- NOT SO MUCH. I called his number expecting him to be upturned in a ditch and he answered (!) 'Mam, we're VIPs, I can't leave, all the lads are shaking my hand for getting them in'. And so it begins...

3. Easy Parenting

Moment 3 is one I mentioned a couple of weeks back, being asked to contribute some advice to new Mums in Easy Parenting.

I'll never get used to the feeling of seeing my name in print I don't think but, hand on heart, I wish there was a resource like this available when I was starting out with these two man beasts. Thanks for having me Easy Parenting!

4. Not so Tough Stuff

Saturday saw me escape to Stillorgan, to the stunning Radisson Blu in St Helen's at the invitation of the one woman powerhouse that is Marissa Carter. (She's the beautiful brains behind the Cocoa Brown brand).

During this Lovely Ladies Lunch, however, I managed to nab an extra nice pressie - a very generous voucher for one of Dublin's top restaurants, Saba. How could I NOT know the answer was Cherry? Come on! (Chuffage and stuffage!)

5. Almost Instant Karma

I'm a big believer in paying it forward and that in doing so, you're setting the universe up to pay it right back to you. Some call it Karma, I just call it as I see it. 

On Saturday, while readying myself for the lovely Stillorgan lunch we were graced with one of the most torrential rainpours we've had of the Summer. Freezing bloody rain. I noticed there was a lady standing at the bus stop out side our place in just a blouse, drenched. Off I hared with one of the many umbrellas from the hall but had to stop her short of giving me a squelchy hug.

Once the rain had stopped I set off myself on the 39 to UCD, of course not realising that Google Maps is NO HELP IN A HURRY so stood by the Stillorgan road, being soaked, while I tried to get my barings. Up pulls a taxi to ask if I'm ok 'Yep, just a little lost' and asked for directions. 'Sure it's about 6 minutes down the road' said Nicholas, 'hop in'. I did and readied my cash. Once we'd pulled up though, he wouldn't have any of it. 'Sure do something nice for someone else' says he. 'I definitely will' says I, safe in the knowledge that Karma is alive and well!

Tell me, what's going on in your corner of the world then? Any Moments to brighten your day? 



Lovely Girlie Bits said...

Feckin delighted for Aaron and the results, sure it's no bother to him ;) Now we all have to wait on the junior cert results, no pressure! The chungfellas are a testament to you bridie :)

Sue Jordan said...

Aw thanks K, yep Adam is whistling about the place here like we'll all forget his results are coming. Nice try, Headly! :)