Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Marc Jacobs Honey: A Must Have Summer Scent

Marc Jacobs has been knocking it out of the park when it comes to seriously pretty, dressing table decoration perfume bottles for years now. Think Daisy, think Lola, think Dot, then forget every one of 'em because Honey is about to blow their cute little lids off with not only stunning packaging but a scent that will have strangers stop you as you pass. 

Truth be told it was the bottle that halted me in my tracks as I hared about my business a couple of weeks back. I've usually found Mr Jacob's scents a little to sweet for my musk loving schnozz but in all honesty, one whiff of this and it was love. 

'Could I BEE any cuter?' 

You know those scents that have you sniffing your arms for hours after you've applied them? Honey is one o' those. It's sunny, it's light and it's bright but it stops short of being sweet: the woody basenotes see to that and it's what makes it a winner for me. 

I'm not a big describer of scents so for those of you in the know, who know what you like and where, Honeys notes break down like this: 

Top: Pear, Juicy Mandarin
Heart: Orange Blossom, Peach, Honeysuckle (my favourite flower of all time)
Base: Honey, Vanilla, Woods

This little bottle has been a huge hit in the office with the girls and it was interesting to see that they each smelled something different from the ingredients. I've been stopped several times, including by the chef in the canteen, to ask what I'm wearing so it would seem Honey sure is a crowd pleaser too. 

If not just for the adorable bottle (which is sat on my PC in work (WHILE I'M THERE) to gaze at) I'd urge you to spritz Marc Jacobs Honey when you're next passing a counter and I defy you not to fall in love. 


Fiona said...

Yeah, not as sweet as other creations -
The Pear on top keeps it fresh and tart.
The warm ambery creamy tones go all vanilla ice-cream on it, making it stay yummy scrummy like apple-tart and ice cream without going sickly sweet. Schlurp!!!!

Meli Miller said...

I love this perfume!

Nailish Ramblings said...

I need this for the bottle, I don't really care what it smells like!

Unknown said...

The bottles alone always have me lusting after a Marc Jacobs Perfume x

Sue Jordan said...

Apple tart & ice cream - PERFECT :D

Sue Jordan said...

Me too Mel, the shower gel is right up top of my list now!

Sue Jordan said...

It's adorable isn't it? I know you'll love the smell too though :)

Sue Jordan said...

Man sure knows how to make a buidéail ;)