Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday's Moments: 12th August 2013

How do Monday? Thus begins another week of McGuyvering posts by any means possible as my poor desktop is still refusing to play ball. A new network card and a new adaptor yet here I am, still stitching together posts a la Frankenstein’s bride in an effort to keep up.

Posts may be a little sporadic this week while I get it sorted for once and for all but please, should any of you have any notion why the desktop would be the only appliance not connecting to the wifi then do please proffer them – in the mean time though, here’s what you came for: MOMENTS!

1. Sorting the Stash

With the long weekend just gone I knew I had to do something even semi productive, failing getting my PC sorted, my next target was my make up stash.

It took a while and there was umpteen goodie bags made, once I could bear to part with a lot of it but I have to say, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Neatly organised now in this Argos (!) drawer unit, I can put my hand on what I need when I need it. How long this ridiculously good organisation will last though is anyone’s guess.

2. Back to MAC

One of the other unadulterated joys of a serious clear out and stash organisation has to be gathering six MAC eyeshadows that should have been rehomed in my palette months ago. And of course 6 empty pots means just one thing: BACK TO MAC!

I’d never partaken before so was thrilled to swatch just about every lipstick in BT2s, finally settling on Plumful. It’s a beaut and I’m now eyeing up my Skin Finishing Powders and larger shadows to have another go. Seriously addictive stuff.

3. Day. Made.

We’ve all had those days where nothing seems to be going right, I was having one just last week and then Clare here went and turned it all around for me.

I’m not exaggerating when I say this made my day, it’s one of the reasons that I’m still in the office well into the evening trying to get posts sorted. Thanks Clare, I mean that sincerely.

4. Pet Pals

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know this little trouble maker, Boo, has been with us for several months now. I’m not sure we can actually call her a kitten anymore but she’s still a messer. She fits right in.

Diesel took some getting used to her though, pretending she wasn’t there, even though she takes a swipe at him every time he passes, daring little wagon like her. This is their new thing though and it couldn’t be cuter. Aww Friendssss.

5. Days of Our Lives

Aaron (Eldest bag of gorgeousness) is awaiting his Leaving Cert results this week and shortly after that his offers for college. He was beginning to fret about registration fees last week when I let him in on a little secret.

I’ve been saving a small (minuscule) amount for his college weekly since he was just 18 months old. I should point out that it’s certainly NOT billions but it’s enough to pay his registration, pick up an annual bus pass and maybe even a college laptop. Wonder if he’ll let his Momma share?

And that’s them, this weeks Moments to chase the Monday Blues away. Tell me, what’s wonderful in your world this week? Hmmm?


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Anonymous said...

There's nothing as soothing as sorting out and throwing out. I like to do it regularly for my clothes, shoes, makeup etc. The feeling of virtue when everything's tidy...