Thursday, August 01, 2013

Things that Rustle my Jimmies

Friday Eve, there you are once more and despite this being a Bank Hollier weekend I have Jimmies to share - I have no doubt you do too so let's get started...

1. Incessant pen clickers in the office

 photo tumblr_inline_mn21lcqVNv1qz4rgp_zpsc6bf96f7.gif

2. My electric toothbrush losing power in my mouth

 photo 132_zpsad6c0f8c.gif

3. Brand invitations to press 'events' that are actually SALES events with 3% discounts

 photo tumblr_inline_mmfvk3GWL61qz4rgp_zps41821766.gif

4. Road works outside my window AT 6 AM!!!

 photo tumblr_mgbulhCaj61ra0fpao1_500_zpsf6380a8f.gif

5. Godforsaken laptop taking 12 DAYS to load 

 photo tumblr_mbu7jzQAil1r617yx_zps78cbaed4.gif

Thank CHRIST I've gotten them out of my system, you know the drill by now - I've swapped the kettle for shots this week so grab a glass, switch on Anon if you need and join the rantorama in the comments!


S said...

Constant hip pain, that now has the accompanying earworm of Hips Don't Lie. Pain would be rude without a soundtrack, right? GGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Leanne Cornelius said...

You had me giggling here :)
Mine would be the OH leaving his shoes in the middle of the room, they're only kept two steps away behind the sofa, not exactly difficult to put them there! x

Glamour & Go said...

I passed those road works everyday this week and they are now working through the night as well - I thought of you! x

Rachel T said...

Oh no. I am one of those incessant pen clickers. If I was your officemate, you'd probably cut off my head by now. LOL.

Kadie Lee said...

I second the road work one, but replace it with Florida Sandhill Cranes instead. OMG those birds are freaking annoying!

Anonymous said...

Men switching EVERY argument back on you. They're adept.