Monday, August 05, 2013

Monday's Moments: 05/08/13

There's no Monday nicer than a bank holiday Monday is there? The casual remembering of the fact all day Sunday and smug grin associated with knowing you get to escape the office for one more day. Is nice, innit? How about some Moments to make this Monday even nicer? 

1. All Together Now..

It might have been the impending bank hollier but there was definitely a celebratory mood around the office last week. 

While queuing for brekkie I found myself humming along to the radio and I Follow Rivers but it was only when the chorus came on I realised the entire line was singing it! There's something quite surreal about hearing your Director singing Lykke Li word for word before 9am...

2. Picture? Perfect!

While at the Clarins Autumn event this week I was tweeting and instagramming photos goodo to share what the brand had upcoming and the bits I loved. 

I was even more excirah and delirah that evening to get this lovely message from the Clarins Instagram account. They chose two of my photos to share with the Clarins loving folks on their US site. Isn't that awesome? I think it's awesome. 

3. It's in the Jeans...

The youngest Gorgebag has pretty savvy taste when it comes to clobber and knows what works for him and what doesn't so I had no hesitation in allowing him blow a good chunk of his birthday money on clothes. 

When he came back with this grey/mauve t though I had to chuckle. Proof at last that the Bet Lynch gene is, in fact, hereditary. Long live the leopard!

4. Family Mini Road Trip

In need some family R&R this week and on the recommendation of the lovely Joanne over at LovelyGirlyBits we all hopped in the car this week for a mini road trip to LawcusFarm Guesthouse in Kilkenny. 

I'll have the full lowdown later but suffice to say we had a blahhdy marvellous time and got to reconnect as a familia (read slag the bejebus of each other in close confines). Good times!

5. Opening Night at the Olympia

Barely a minute back in Dublin, we were invited along to see the opening night of The Silhouettes in The Olympia. This young dance troupe (some as young as 5 years old!) were the runners up in America's Got Talent and very similar to this years Britain's Got Talent winners (Attraction) so I was excited to see the show. 

Telling the tale of a love story of two young children as they grow to adults through dance and (funnily enough) silhouettes this show was a pleasant change for a Saturday night. A little talky in parts and heavy on the Americana, the audience weren't giving standing ovations come curtain time but we were thoroughly entertained and shocked that such young dancers could have such talent. It's a great choice for family friendly entertainment. (For a change of scenery, literally, you can catch the show in The Olympia this week for as little as €20!)

And that's Moi, five Moments that mean even without the bank holiday, I'm through with Monday Blues. 

Tell me, what's going on in your corner of the world - anything rocking your kasbah?

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