Monday, October 14, 2013

Monday's Moments : 14/10/13

One of you reminded Mother Nature it was October this week, who was it?! Seriously, what the actual J happened? There was no Ned Stark solemn warning of the winter approaching just tropical swelterings then FREEZE. Not cool. 

On the brighter side, there's been several Moments this week to keep me chipper, wanna see 'em? Yeah you do:

1. Ébloui, That's French for Elusive Little Bugger

Have you ever gotten the goo on you for something and for the life of you can't find it? For the past 6 months I've been searching for Chanel's russet toned gem that is Ébloui to no avail. Now don't get me wrong, had I been fervently hunting it with hounds I would have found it but checking with at least half a dozen Chanel counters in passing constitutes searching to me. 

Now that I've gotten my grubby mitts on it, I'm raging I didn't call out the hounds sooner. The warm burgundy russet with gold and red sparkle throughout is luminous, incredibly soft to the touch, THE most flattering shade for blue/green eyes and worn over Catrice's made to Stay Charcoal, this sucker lasts for HOURS. J'adore. 

2. American Horror Story Returns & 
I'm Already Under it's Spell 

Having loved the first series of American Horror Story but given up on Asylum (the second) half way through, Lorraine's guest post last week made me very, very excited for season 3, Coven. 

You only have to look at the cast list above to see several reasons why this season promises to be awesome but if episode one was anything to go by, they've got me, hook, line and sinker. There was a Breaking Bad shaped hole in my heart and I reckon it's just been filled. 

3. Surprise Appointment

This week I managed to try out one of the newest hair care gizmowhajamacallits (technical term) the L'Oreal Steam Pod, not through a Blogger appointment but because himself won a voucher at a charity event he was gigging for. All by his lonesome he booked the appointment for Wednesday and never one to argue with a free do, I trotted along to try it out. 

I'll have the full deets this afternoon but, for serious, I'm trying desperately to convince myself that the lads' need to eat is greater than my need for this miraculous contraption. 4 days of sleek, shiny hair for just 10 minutes effort? Pesky kids and their selfish need for sustenance!! 

4. Face Off

The eldest Gorgebag has been settling into college life brilliantly and making a whole new group of friends on his course, for that I'm genuinely thrilled. Thing is? They've taken to pranking each other in more and more elaborate ways. 

This here is the handy work of one new pal, photoshopping Aaron's Facebook profile photo and the difference between his kisser and Mr Cage is so subtle that it, hand on heart, frightened the bejebus of me when I saw it. I may never sleep again. It's all fun and games, lads!

5. Sleigh Bells Ring, Are ya Listenin'? 


Turns out, thanks to this bandy back and extended leave from work that we won't be getting our collective tuckus' away to the sun this year after all, so in an effort to cheer ourselves up, we've booked our annual Christmas Market trip!

The Sis and I have a tradition of visiting European Cities, in style but on a shoestring (she's awesome at that)(AND SHOULD HAVE A BLOG) and our eldest Bro and Sis in Law travel from Wales to be with us. This year we're mixing it up and bringing the Gorgebags with us. They've never shown an interest before but both have wanted to see Berlin for yonks so that's where we're off to!

I'll be strapping myself down to try and ease my back woes before then but if anyone has any hints or tips about the Berlin experience do please let me know. Ahhh, we're so excited!!

And that's what's chasing my Monday Blues away. Tell me, what's new in your part of the world? Anything awesome to report?


Sarah BeautyWithBrushes said...

That chanel shadow looks like exactly what I've been looking for for A/W!
Would love to see a swatch? Also how much is it?
(damn you cherry sue, I'm *this close* to releasing the hounds!! I need it!!)

Sue Jordan said...

Haha sorry not sorry, Sarah :)
It's €29.50 so a little steep, I have a post coming up on Wednesday, Take 3 Burgundy Cream Shadows, so maybe hold those hounds back for a day or two - I might just have a lovely alternate option for your purse ;) x

B said...

Your hair looks amazing Sue, it really suits you! Looking forward to reading your post about the L'Oreal Steam Pod now :-)