Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Illamasqua's Holiday 2013 Fatale Palette with Swatches and an Illamasqua Tutorial

Illamasqua is a brand that I've always been aware of but up until now have never tried. I find that baffling, especially now since I've popped my Illamasqua cherry with the Fatale palette from the Envy Holiday 2013 Collection and have fallen immediately and irrevocably in love with it. 

I first caught glance of the Fatale palette on Instagram last week and knew immediately it had to be mine. I'm a huge fan of golds, purples and soft browns with my blue/green eyes but add in a softly shimmering cranberry and I'm sold and I was for €40.56. 

The shadows are velvety soft to the touch with little or no fallout and blend beautifully together for some of the most flattering eye looks I've managed to buff onto myself in a good while. All shades are standalone beauts but it's the combination of the four that really brings this palette to life. 

Until I'm brave enough to face Youtube (not yet), take a quick looksee at how the experts use this stunning piece of kit (in the form of Rose from Illamaqua): 

She makes it look so easy, right? Truth be told, this buttery soft shadows are just that easy to work with. I know I'll be attempting Rose's look this Thursday for a night out (sitting) at the Lumineers but I can see the Fatale palette featuring heavily in many looks this season and into the next. 

Truthfully I'm not sure why it's taken me so long to get into Illamasqua, even more truthfully, I'm now afraid to look at the rest of their site!

You'll find the Fatale palette, along with the rest of the Envy 2013 Holiday collection on their site here or in store in larger Debenhams shops - I thoroughly recommend it. 

According to an Illamasqua mail I've just received
if you buy anything from the Envy range on their site
this week you'll receive a free cream blush in Dixie
worth £18!!


Chloe said...

Love you swatches Sue - I saw the palette & thought "Oh, nice, but I'd never wear it." & after seeing the colours properly, now I want it. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh it does look lush...

Anonymous said...

I am desperate to pop my Illamasqua cherry.... but it will have to wait until after I get back. Possibly even until after christmas...

Stephanie Barry said...

The cranberry and the brown have me sold! They all look gorgeous swatched though. Big fan of Illamasqua shadows :)

Unknown said...

So pretty I love me a bit of Illamasqua!