Friday, March 21, 2014

Jem & The Holograms - Movie in the Making!

Do not adjust your monitors, this is not a drill - every 80's kid's favourite transforming animated rockstar, Jem is to be made into a movie using crowdsourcing, much like the Kickstarter initiative that saw Veronica Mars revive her snooping TV detective character this month. 

Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun, G.I. Joe: Retaliation director Jon M. Chu and Paranormal Activity producer Jason Blum explain above exactly what their looking for to get the holographic wheels in motion for the big screen. 
The original animated series was a joint collaboration by Hasbro, Marvel Productions and Sunbow Productions, the same team responsible for G.I. Joe and Transformers, which explains the involvement of the trio above.

BOOM - right in the nostalgia
Not only is the live-action movie actually a thing, but the trio are crowdsourcing crucial elements from casting to costume design: "It's sort of like Kickstarter," Chu says to Rolling Stone, "but instead of asking for your money, we're asking for your creativity."

Read more on Rolling Stone here. 

Tell me, are we THRILLED?! I, for one, am going to search for the Jem dolls of my youth - I credit that chick with my love for all jewellery things bright and jangly! 


S said...

Can I say it? Can I say it? TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!!!

Jacinta Geraghty said...

Oh dear lord, day is MADE!!!! Used to love Jem and had a Pizzazz doll and everything. Playing the theme song to my 25 year old sister here and she has no idea why I'm so excited!

scarlet said...

A very good opportunity for the talent ones.