Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday's Moments: 10/03/14

Today we're mostly basking in the sunshine that Jean Byrne promised and willfully ignoring the fact that there's a great white shark swimming her ass off across the Atlantic to get as far as Ireland (I personally think we should be waiting in Sligo with a huge welcome sign  & champagne just to confuse her) but, on the whole, today is a good day. 

Want to know what's chasing my Monday Blues away? Sure isn't that what you're here for: 

1. No Mo' Glenroes

I mentioned last week that I've been able to cut down my IRL working week, thanks to this bandy back and a figurative cushion from this here site but I don't think even I appreciated the enormity of it until this Moment. 

When the clock strikes 7 in the home of Irish people that work outside the home, something equal parts mysterious and miserable happens. THE GLENROES. That feeling of dread for the impending Monday morning hurtling toward you. Well, not me anymore! 

Truth is, had I realised how liberating a feeling this was, I'd have happily lived off dry ramen from the packet for one day a week years ago. Adios Glenroes, ye won't be missed. 

2. Pizza e Porchetta e My new Favourite Place

Pizza e Porchetta is nestled away nicely on Clanwilliam Terrace, under the bridge of the Malting Tower and a shot putter's stones throw from the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre (Pre show eats will never be the same)

The atmosphere in this little slice of Italy is positively electric. Although compact (see above) the sound is more lively than deafening and the tables seemed to be spinning with the speed at which people were served and headed off to their shows. 

Having called ahead to say we were running late, we received one of the most welcoming receptions from a manager & his staff as we've ever had. Coats taken, Bellinis brought and menu recommendations made in a flash. It was only when the food arrived that time slowed down. Sweet BABY J, that porchetta (pronounced pork-etta)(who knew?). 

As we finished our mains one of each of the desserts was presented to save time. Pro Tip? Do NOT order the homemade Tiramisu if you're driving, breath of fire, delicious fire. I could go on and on about our new favourite haunt but I won't. If you haven't been, GO, if you have, tell me what to have next time!

3. Classic Constance

I'd like to consider myself a generous Sister when it comes to beauty gifting - except for that one time when I saw how gorgeous Michael Kors Dame was on her kisser and accepted it back graciously - but when my very own skin & blister pulled this doozy out I was floored. 

Constance FLAMING Carroll?!? I have no clue where she got it, neither does she. I have no idea how old it is, neither does she but whatever Class A preservatives they were using in the labs of yore, this stuff is GORGEOUS. Creamy, vibrant and lasts approximately 142 hours. Classic Constance. 

4. Uber Cool - Mostly

You may have heard that Uber is making its arrival in Dublin, slowly but surely. Think Hailo but with town cars instead of normal cabs. Think decent service in a high class car instead of racist rants in a jalopy (not you Hailo, taxis in general). 

Well on Tuesday we had our first AND second Uber experience. The first being God Awful as following SIXTY TWO attempts there still wasn't a car near Clonsilla (we subsequently learned this may have been a technical fault) but the second being pretty damn good. 

Hugh picked us up from The Marker in a BMW 7 Series just 5 minutes after we used the app. He made three drops altogether from Glasnevin to Clonsilla and regaled us with tales all the way. Completely professional and uber swish, the entire journey cost just €45(!). 

There may be bugs to iron out (such as not being able to pre order (WHAT?!)) and not having enough cars available but if you've a special occasion coming up or you've just had a particularly crappy day - give 'em a go. We're glad we did. 

5. A Teeny Act of Kindness

I often share the Elder Cherry's skillz over on Instagram but this one really struck a chord with a lot of readers/pals. When I dropped into my parents during the week, Momma was finishing off some preemie hats for The Coombe's Neonatal Unit. 

She often knits little cardis or hats for great causes but I couldn't help but marvel at these tiny wonders. Almost small enough to fit on an Innocent Smoothie bottle, it's heartwarming to think that these will be put to some good use. 

As Ange said on the photo 'my guy wore one of them for a long time so big thanks to your mam and all the other people who knit x I still have it, it's tiny x'. Yep, that brought a tear to my eye & to Mam's aswell. If you can knit & have a little time, there's WAY worse things you could spend an evening doing. Fair Play Maw. 

Tell me, what's chasing away your Monday Blues today? 


Breedao said...

Getting my one for all voucher in the post today!!! That's a huge Monday moment!!! And it has The Chattery on it - pretty damn cool - thanks a million :)

Sue Jordan said...

Ah Breeda, I'm thrilled!!

They look great don't they?

Spend it very unwisely xx

B said...

Those hats look so cute, they're adorable :-)

I saw some Constance Carroll make up in Dealz earlier, definitely brings back some memories!

My kids were in a very cuddly mood on Monday so that chased away my Monday blues, we just watched a dvd and snuggled up together with a blanket :-)