Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Humpday Chattery

Happy Humpday err'body!!

I squint as I type as Beyoncé gave me unsolicited free Lasik surgery last night - I wasn't ever a Beylieber but Girl gives good show!

Tell us, what are you up to this Mid Week? 

Let's Chat!


Felicity said...

7 am and Miss Should Have Been Up at Half Six has the blanket over her head. Quoth the Mother 'What if you accidentally sleep text (insert name of beloved here)?'. 'Mother, that could never happen!' 'It could if I've got your phone...'

Never seen a kid move so quick in her life

Mother, FTW

Breedao said...

Morning another frosty one - went to see her last year with my daughters and she was amazing - have you heard the woman on the strawberry alarm clock who met her in the park? Hilarious.

Breedao said...

Oh hello 'no more work til next Tuesday' day :)