Tuesday, March 18, 2014

The Tuesday Chattery

Now THAT was some weekend, wasn't it? 

Tell us, what did you get up to? 

Let's Chat!


Breedao said...

Morning - feels like age since I've been in work - we had a pretty quiet weekend - I managed to catch up on my tv viewing and made a start on season 3 of Game of Theones

Unknown said...

I did absolutely nothing this weekend! There was a big charity event on in the town though which resulted in die hard man utd and liverpool fans swapping jerseys to raise money for a guy who was seriously injured last year.. It was great to see them putting aside their differences to do something good and its great to see what a little town can do!

Sue Jordan said...

Wow Alisha, now THAT's charity - fair play to them!

Are you feeling better Breeda? I think Felicity is still smothered :(

We had a pretty quiet one too. Was out on Friday with work girls for dins then on Sun for my BDay so Paddy's Day was a never ending stream of tea and eats and nathin' more.

Am off for the week so catching up on blog bidness and resting my bones :)

Felicity said...

St Paddy's day *is* my anniversary; however I spent it in Drogheda hospital with the DD this year :/ Just home now. Spent much of the time chewing my data minutes reading old lol-posts from a certain Ms Jordan and sons to keep my spirits up and eyes open, so I was with yizzer all in spirit! So once again, 'twas Cherry Sue and gorgebags to the rescue - thank you!

She's OK, so I guess it's the best anniversary present ever, in the end!

Breedao said...

Feeling much better Sue but it's a right lingering dose. I think birthdays are much better spread over a weekend if not a week :) Glad to hear your daughter is ok Felicity. We never stop worrying do we? Mine are all well grown at this stage but it doesn't stop me worrying about them :( Worry of the moment is A who is due her babs end of April and at the moment she appears to be lying transverse (little monkey). She has a hospital appointment on Thursday so they may try shift her.