Friday, March 14, 2014

Need for Speed - Movie Review

Who's in it? 


What's it about?

Tobey Marshall's friend Little Pete is killed by Dino Brewster in an illegal street when he flips Pete's car by hooking his bumper under his. When no one can place Dino at the scene, Toby is blamed and goes to prison for two years for the manslaughter of Pete. Once Tony is out, he uses a car he restored with his crew before he went down to get revenge on Dino.

Any Good?

The editing, oh GOD the editing.. I've never noticed editing much in films, but when you cut ahead in time without stating the fact at all you just know something is wrong. I think the worst example was the sudden rebuilding of the Mustang Ford and Shelby were working on; A car that would easily take a good 5 months or more to rebuild had been skipped in favour of holographic horses IN A CAR MOVIE.

Couldn't say it better myself

The acting was solid, but going to see this based on the thought of Aaron Paul giving a Pinkman-esque performance is a complete letdown due to it being just as I said; solid. Imogen Poots could actually have potential if she takes better roles, she was surprisingly pleasant after That Awkward Moment. Scott Mescudi did have funny moments, but the funniest had to be Dean Cooper playing Dino Brewster as if he were a pantomime villain. Forced faces to the point of burst blood vessels, bad delivery, it had the lot! Even Harrison Gilbertson was better with his terrible delivery and completely flat jokes.

As for the story, I can't say much because there just wasn't much. This was a story that kept you guessing, but I'm fairly sure being so predictable you can guess the next five scenes immediately isn't what it should be. The only enticing part about it - a bounty placed on Tobey's head by Dino - lasts around 5 minutes and is only referred to again ONCE; a complete waste really.

I'm going to be honest and say don't waste you money in the cinema on this, it was flat, slow and predictable, EVERYTHING a racing movie shouldn't be. A redeeming factor was Michael Keating as the Monarch; a man who doesn't care about anything including a life if it entertains him - but even that couldn't save this film devolving into a mess of atrocious editing, bad music placement and cheap, knockoff Michael Bay directing.


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