Thursday, March 13, 2014

Things That Rustle My Jimmies

There have been several tweets this week that I've deleted, twice as many status updates that I've backed away from but today? Today is Thursday - the day I release the Kraken and share what's been rustling my jimmies:

1. 'Good Evening Madam, 
Have You a Few Moments to 
Take a Customer Survey?'

 photo tumblr_mp2xz6lh6X1s8njeuo1_400_zps2953184c.gif

2. Stepping on a Kitchen Spill in Stocking Feet

 photo Rashida-Jones-Disgusted_zps81a6a33e.gif

3. Daddies that push Buggies with Just One Hand...

 photo takeit_zps5d07a835.gif

4. People That Cycle Through Crowds 
on Grafton Street!

 photo tumblr_mgqn2xw3C91r5ls6go1_500_zps97d18ee8.gif

5. The Luas Ride to BeyoncĂ© 

 photo commuters_zps5c2ef08c.gif
So c'mom, spill - what's been rustling your jimmies this week? Hmmmm?


Felicity said...

Rude cyclists! Oh, Gods yeah. Most entitle bunch of bastards since motorists. And pedestrians.

Instead of teaching sex ed direct from the horses arse, schools in Ireland would be better off teaching basic manners. Somewhere along the way, we seem to have lost the run of ourselves in terms of consideration for others.

Rob Jordan said...

Lol'd at kitchen spill haha

S said...

"Ah, 3 boys? Soon time to go for the girl!!" No. But I'll go for you.