Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Coming Soon: City Rush from Avon

Milla Jovovich, SuperScwhing, is the beautiful star behind this seasons fragrance from Avon, City Rush. It promises to be powerful, confident and stylish like the lady herself and is winging its way to a catalogue near you next month. 

With top notes of bergamot, plum and ivy green, floral middle notes of  black dahlia, rose and vanilla and it's base notes using creamy woods, musk and patchouli flower, City Rush will appeal to a wide range of women but also to different age groups. 

My take on it? I'm impressed. It's a soft floral, creamy scent rounded out by its musk notes and stops short of being sweet. The more I wear it, the more it reminds me of Gucci Envy, which is a very good thing.

While I have to be honest and say that City Rush isn't great when it comes to longevity of wear (realistically, it's less than twenty quid so wouldn't be), you're looking at about three hours of scent. The bottle is compact and resilient enough to be popped into your bag for a spritz or two through the day, so it's not a huge issue.  

Priced at €19.95 and available both online and from your local Avon representative, City Rush will hit catalogues in October. 

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