Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Fashionista - Amber Glow Blush

I'm on a spending ban, a very strict one, partly because I've been haemorrhaging money every time I pass a beauty counter of late but mostly because the lads went back to school this week and uniforms for grown men don't come cheap. 

When the eldest INSISTED I bring him to Santry to pick up a game (he's not on a spending ban) I thought it'd be a little bit rude not to throw an eye into Superdrug and perhaps swatch ALL the things. 

When it comes to beauty, I see with my hands and not my eyes
I'd heard of budget brand Fashionista before but because I'm not often in Superdrug, I hadn't tried their products. Having considerably swatched a good portion of the stand, my hand was drawn back to Amber Glow again and again. 

Fashionista's Blush, Amber Glow - €4.95
Amber Glow is right up my coral loving street. Highly pigmented with a golden shimmer, it's the ideal blush for fair toned ladies (of which I am one). I've been grieving the loss of my Bella Bamba as a bright cheek colour for evenings out but this one is spot on at just about one tenth of the price. 

Now I hear you thinking there, spending ban, right? I mauled this mono blush for a good five minutes before the eldest sloped around from the manly men's aisle. I explained my predicament and he took the blush from me 'Is this all you want?' 'Uhm *frantic scanning of the stand* Yep', and with that he brought it to the counter for me with the change from his game. Score!

Technically I didn't break my ban, though the wages bill this Friday will be up by a fiver, but for €4.95 and the chance to build a budget freedom palette (once the ban is lifted), I'm absolutely loving my first Fashionista purchase. 

Have you tried anything from their range before? Anything else I should pine after?

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Unknown said...

Sue, that shade is STUNNING!

Plus, your sons sound like such lovely young men (and I sound like such an aul' one!) xo