Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New from Roger & Gallet: Rose Imaginaire

There's something so beautiful about rose scents to me. It could be that they evoke childhood memories of  making our own versions with rose petals, water and patience or that it's the most calming floral to my mind. 

What Roger & Gallet perfumers have done with Rose Imaginaire, however, is something different entirely and something more than a little bit special. In their quest to capture the most beautiful rose in the world as a scent, they did so without ever using the rose or any derivative from the rose plant. 

They did so with fruits and flowers from some of the most beautiful parts of the world such as Italian raspberries and Egyptian Jasmine. The final result is a beautifully bright rose scent that's rounded and softened with velvety, milky notes. 

The beautiful press pack that arrived with Rose Imaginaire

As always, when reviewing a scent I like to wear it as I write the post, I've been wearing Rose Imaginaire since 10am this morning and only needed the lightest spritz to bring it back to life this evening. It's incredibly long lasting for a fragrant water and is unlike any rose scent you've tried before. It reminds me of the feel of silk or velvet, soft, tactile and luxurious. 

Photos of QR Codes work just like the real thing, who knew?

Rose Imaginaire is priced at €39.75 from all good pharmacies this month but you can use the QR code above to find out more about this intriguing scent. 

Have you tried Rose Imaginaire yet? 

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Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I am in the love with this! I also like to wear the scents as I'm writing about them and sniff my arm like a weirdo