Monday, September 24, 2012

Monday's Moments - 24/09

That weekend was an absolute blur, was it not? Last thing I remember I was having a tame drink with a good pal after work on Friday then BOOM time to set the alarm again. It could be because my internet was down for the weekend, there's nothing like online radio silence to make the time fly but either way here we are Monday once more and any excuse to chase the blues away. As usual, I have five:

1. I'll be the Judge of That!

I had the delight over the past couple of weeks to help out as a judge with Blog Awards Ireland. I really enjoyed the experience, not only did it introduce me to some fantastic blogs that I didn't know were out there but it also helped me to think about improvements I want to make around here. 

The competition is sure stiff and I'm honestly dying to know who wins out but hitting send on my final judging scorecard on Thursday evening was one of my moments of the week. Good Luck to everyone still in the running. 

2. Just Doff your Cap!

Probably one of the funniest exchanges I've seen while stuck in traffic happened this week. As I passed the local gym there was two big lads strutting out the gates, gym bags on shoulders. One hit the other on the arm and blessed himself. It was only then I saw the magpie on the fence. 

I chuckled at that alone but dude number 2's reaction was priceless, he got seriously upset, punched his mate on the arm and shouted something in another language (Polish maybe?) I can only assume it was along the lines of 'Don't you PUT that evil on me, Ricky Bobby'. I laughed all the way back to work. Guess no matter how big you get, you never mess with magpie joojoo...

3. Merci Buckets. 

I mentioned during the week that we'd been to the launch of, Karen of the Lovely Girly Bits and I that is. We had a fab night, chatting with people and learning more about the site launch. 

What we didn't realise is that there was to be a raffle on the evening. She's a leeedle bit lucky and I've been known to be too so we were super excited as Darren Kennedy started to call out the winning tickets. Lo & behold my number was called out! I'm now the delighted owner of a Pandora bracelet, I've never been able to justify the cost before but as a prize? I'm in love with it. It genuinely made my week!

4. Lemony Snicket, isseh?

Ok, I'm fully aware that this moment, well series of moments will make me look like a buffoon but truly, as stupid events go, I've had a week full. How about a taster?

  • While trying to fix my broken car window, I closed the stupid thing and caught my own fingers. Because I was wearing my turquoise ring they were jammed and it took me a good ten minutes to free myself. Can you imagine that 999 call? 'Yeah, uhm, I put my fingers in the window and eh, closed it. Yeah me, I did, stop laughing!'
  • When I had filled my satchel to capacity with products to be photographed and the camera itself, I swung it to put my arm through. I wasn't counting on the momentum of the bag speeding up the swing, so forgot to stick my arm through. Cue me staggering backwards as I almost garrotted myself. 
  • In a rush the other morning, I realised the hem of my trousers was loose, thinking I'd be clever, I wonder webbed them with the iron. Genius, right? Only when I went to pull them on I'd wonder webbed the leg hole shut! The dog just looked at me with boredom in his eyes as I danced round the kitchen in my knicks, shouting obscenities, trying to force my foot through. 
  • FINALLY, when having dins with Karen before that event, I was relaying these stupid stories when I spilled pasta on my top, 'That's normal' says you, well when I tried to clean it off I reached for the fork in my own hand (I don't know why) and literally catapulted a fork of carbonara into my own face. What the actual EFF?!
Suffice to say that my moment in all of these moments is that whomever had that voodoo doll of me seems to have replaced it. I'm back to normal & good for now. *Touches wood*

5. Ruby, Ruby, Ruby, Ruby

Finally this week I have a special Anniversary wish for my 'rents. On Saturday gone, during my online blackout, they celebrated their Ruby Anniversary. 40 years of matrimonial lurrve, that's a huge feat, right? 

I have a beautiful picture that I'll post at some stage (couldn't find my copy) of the morning of their wedding (no, I wasn't there). It was outside the Magazine Fort in the Phoenix Park, where my Mam grew up with her family. It's a lovely shot & I'll share it as soon as I can lay my mitts on it. For now Maw & Paw, Happy Anniversary, here's to many, many more xx

So tell me, people, what's been your happy haps this week? Sharing is caring ja?


Makeup Over Mind said...

I have some seriously clumsy tendencies and my family remain in disbelief that I always seem to get food, especially mash everywhere - hair, ear, once I found some in my pocket after dinner! Thanks for brightening my Monday Sue! :)

boredmum said...

omg wetting myself here, u r a total klutz lol

Happy Anniversary to your ma and pa

By the way, finally got a Coder Dojo Club set up in my town, fair play to you all those months ago for the heads up, myself and my young fella are all excited about it starting

Adrienne said...

Sue, I love your writing style. Also loving the little voting buttons under each post. I'm going to be sticking around, I need all the make-up help I can get!