Tuesday, September 18, 2012

New Cherry Blossom Girl Polishes - Essence Autumn 2012

We all know I'm a big Essence fan when it comes to polish, that and a sucker for all things Cherry so I was thrilled to spy Essence's new polish offering for Autumn 2012 on stands this week. I've been so impressed with every one of these that I just had to share so that you can grab some, before the collection disappears, should they appeal to you too. 

My Little Kimono is a light taupe brown with a silver blue shimmer woven through. Beautiful in the sunlight and subtle enough for any occasion. It's a darker than the colour in the bottle once applied but still puts me in mind of Chanel Frenzy with one coat. In short, it’s a beaut.

It’s Peach Not Cherry is a creamy peach orange polish with a luxurious formulation that belies its €2.29 price tag. Again application is a cinch, barely two coats needed for smooth, opaque colour.

Fortune Cookie is a bright mustard, much like a the neon yellow of a Fortune Cookie (funnily enough). There’s a silver micro shimmer here too that translates to shine on the nail. Just Gorgeous.

Cherry Cherry Girl is a wowzer bright orange with red undertone, it reminds me a lot of a creamy Hedonist from Model’s Own in real life. It’s a shiny in yo’ face irreverent addition to the Autumn season and is currently on my tootsies. 

As with this entire range the polish itself applies with no issues whatsoever. Two thin coats = perfect nail colour. There's no top coat used in these pics either, look at that shine!

CherryBlossom Girl Polishes - €2.29 each or the lot for €9.16. Mad, Ted. 

If you haven’t tried Essence polishes before, I’d urge you to do so. Not only is the price ridiculously affordable but the colours are always on the cutting edge of trends and the formulation easily holds its own against (if not supersedes) some high end brands.  

You’ll pick up this entire collection for just under a tenner or just the one for less than the price of a coffee. Essence are available in all good pharmacies, larger Penney’s, Boots and Dunnes Stores.

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liloo said...

love the last photo. the 4 shades complement each other so well. i am lucky i dont have essence in my country. i'd be even more broke that i am
liloo/@tsunimee xx

Samantha Williams said...

Ahhh WANT, I do have to disagree with one thing in this post though, and it could just be my shitty nails, but I find that I need a good 3 coats for an even finish, could just be me? But I have a baby blue, dark red, white and purple from them and I find they all just come out very thin and streaky unless I use 3 coats and then they're perfect!
Glad they seem to work on your lovely nails though! Must admit it's thanks to this blog that I started growing mine out, do you have any tips or know of any strengthening products that would work?

Sue Jordan said...

Hey Samantha, I know what you mean about some of the Essence polishes being thinner and needing more coats. This whole range seem thicker though, much easier application - I'd love to hear if you try one out?

I had a post a while back about OPI Nail Envy (you can find it with the search bar), there's nothing like it as far as I'm concerned. You can see from my post yesterday the length mine have grown to again following shopping them all off last month. Can't recommend it enough!

Sue Jordan said...

Thank you very kindly Liloo, I have to just stay away from the Essence stands for the most part. As cheap as they are - I'd be broke! x

Kerrie said...

I needed 3 coats it was very streaky and it chipped the next day! I got fortune cookie, and it only cost 1.59 or something similar - very cheap! I will try again with a different base but worth a shot for that price.