Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday's Moments - 15/04/13

Morning all! Good weekend? It was all go here in and out of Casa Cherry once more with cheeky cocktails, a surprise date night and work, work, work - of course in that melee there was time to take note of five Moments to chase away the Monday Blues, wanna hear 'em?

1. iThank You!
I don't normally buy iTunes vouchers, preferring instead to y'know listen to music elsewhere. This week though I wanted to download a couple of apps so picked one up. 

Upon typing in my code to the phone though I was thrilled to see €20 top up pop onto screen instead of €15! My only thought is that the lovely lady in Curry's mistook the €20 I handed over and typed twenty into the screen. Score!

2. Domestic Gonkess

Following my dryer kicking the bucket a couple of weeks back Casa Cherry has been resembling Dot's launderette, Mr Opodopolous would've had a seizure had he seen our rads.

Lidl sorted us right out last week though with a rotary washing line for just €40! I try hard not to be my mother at the best of times but the sheer joy every time there's load of clothes smelling fresh air fresh is ready to be put away is a little too much to take. Am. An. Oulone!

3. I'll Have a Bucket of Latte Please... With a Shot

Is there anything that tastes as tasty as your free Starbucks coffee with your sixth loyalty stamp? I think not. 

Is there any other size you should order when it's free coffee time other than HUMONGOUS  That's a nope too. Managed to reach my sixth stamp this week the day before pay day - now that is sa-weet!

4. An' we laughed!

When sitting waiting on a pal during the week I was sitting next to a group of lads about 12-14 years old. They were obviously just finished school and in great form. One of the youngest had the heartiest, funniest laughs I've ever heard. you know the kind you want to record? 

Twice I got caught laughing at him laughing. TWICE. Put me in a great mood for the evening, even if they did think I was a weirdo eavesdropping on their bants. 

5. Love for All and All for Love
This weekend the Constitutional Convention in Ireland voted to recommend the Constitution be changed to allow for civil marriages for same-sex couples. This will see us heading to to the booths to vote in a referendum. 

It's a small step in the right direction, no country should ever have to vote on civil rights but we're getting there. Yay to love!

That's them, my five Moments that have brightened my day and my week. 

Tell me, what's chasing your Monday Blues away? 


Chloe said...

I know exactly what you mean about someone's laugh, because I am that person! I completely lose my breath & just start squeaking. Even my lecturers know about it at this stage & try make me laugh if they're bored!

I'm looking forward to eating the chocolate biscuit cake I made yesterday with my sisters.. just sad that it's too early to start on it now!

Anonymous said...

Chocolate biscuit cake omnomnomonom...

Sorry, where were we?

Ah yes - a cheering thing this Monday was being able to set foot outside without a coat! I actually went all the way to the shop and back at lunch without a coat on. And more flowers are blooming and spring has finally, belatedly sprung!

I was so chuffed, I blogged. :)