Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday's Moments: 22/04/13

Hey we’re already halfway through Monday, if that’s not enough to chase away the Monday Blues then how about a squizz at what has helped me dodge mine?

1. That's Why I'm Eeeeeeaseh

I had a day booked off on Friday for a couple of afternoon appointments but intended on catching the Ironman 3 press screening first thing. That was until I got a call from the Sis to say she’d love me to come to the Premiere with her on Tuesday evening as Disney had sent her passes.

Hello free and breezy Friday morning in the sunshine. There’s nowt like a long weekend to help you face a Monday.

2. Oh, It's On!

 Speaking of the Sis being a lucky duck, she’s managed to bag a family adventure weekend for 10 people in June. We’re dusting off our waders, practicing our paintball game faces and channeling Katniss Everdeen’s mad archery skillz for the parent v teen face off.

It’ll be the ideal time for the Gorgebags to chill out and celebrate finishing their Junior and Leaving Cert – BY GOING DOWN!!

3. Lady Bloggers Wot Lunch

I was thrilled to be included in Marissa Carter’s (Of Carter Beauty/Cocoa Brown Tan) fame Ladies Lunch in the Shelbourne on Saturday. It was so nice to catch up with a bajillion bloggers in such schmancy surroundings. 

Chats and laughs were had and lovely new blogging ladies met and some exciting plans discussed. A rip roaring success by all accounts.

4. How the Other Half Love

While resting our pegs after traipsing the shops (well Brown Thomas) on Saturday I managed to catch this rare glimpse of our very own Lord Mayor trying to get his baba to sleep in the Mansion House window.

Innit cute?  

5. Statistically Awesome Numbers

Hot on the statistical heels of my 45,000 monthly hit celebration that spawned the Cherry Link Love posts comes the next milestone. I’m beyond thrilled with it and completely overwhelmed that anyone even reads my ramblings but Cherry Sue has now broken 50,000 monthly hits!

I know that may be minuscule in the grand scheme of blogging things but Oh M Actual G, I’m chuffed! Thanks so much you lovely, lovely peoples.  

Do please let me know your Happy Haps for this week, I love to hear what's going on 'round the interwebz. 


Anonymous said...

That photo of the Lord Mayor and baby is lovely.

Anonymous said...

I love your Monday's moments. I had a dull day, but something that cheered me up was a volunteer saying nice things about me and being genuinely pleased for me about my promotion. I don't get much love in my work, so it's v. nice to get some recognition.