Thursday, April 18, 2013

Things that Rustle My Jimmies: Pilot Post

I happened to mention a couple of times during the week about the rare occasions upon which my jimmies are rustled. Apparently people like that shizz so I thought a tester post might be in order. 

My jimmies naturally remain unrustled, it says right there in my bio that I'm a cocktail half full kinda gal. I'm an eternal silver lining seeker but sometimes, just sometimes, UGH! 

Want to know what's rustling my jimmies this week? 

1. Irish people with a put on upward inflection. 
Are you asking me or telling me? 

 photo e0J9dxJ_zpsaea63f1d.gif

2. Passive Aggressive 'Some People' Tweets

 photo x3AIc_zps6a915310.gif

3. People doing a Dom Joly and talking LOUDLY on the phone. Especially in lifts or quiet offices. 
 photo llama-stare_zpse69e87b6.gif

4. Spam Comments. Relentless, 
Jaysus Spam Comments!

 photo aint-nobody-got-time-for-that_zpsddb33124.gif

5. Giving advice that's asked for and subsequently ignored creating a catastrophic sh*tstorm. 

 photo bvRy6_zps2e0b876d.gif

Tell me, what's rustled your jimmies this week? It's kinda cathartic to share!


Anonymous said...

YAY! Been dying for this. P.S I always take your advice!

Shall I add some? OKAY.

1. People who try totell you the calories in what you're eating. Fingers in ears, LA LA LA LA LA. Love my zero-cal swiss chocolate.

2. Men who sprawl their legs out on busses. I know you don't need *that* much room, fella. Pull it together!

3. Wedgies. You have ONE JOB, underwear.

4. My cat waking me up by putting his paws in my mouth.

5. My boyfriend waking me up by putting his - no, joking.

That's all I got! I'm Zen as hell otherwise :)

Rachelle said...

hahahaahah love this! And Lorraine totes agree with people who insist on telling me what points or calories are in my god damn food! Bog off feckers. I dont care how much calories are in my food!

Caz said...

People that ask for your advice and then just ignore it? I call them Askholes

Anonymous said...

LOVE this post! The some people thing does my NUT and the passive aggressive tweets (I know I'm guilty myself now and again but not ALL the freakin time).

Anonymous said...

I'm with Lorraine on the Wedgie thing, have spent whole day picking my knickers out of never never land. I'm usually in a good mood but I know I often have a grumpy head on me, thats just my face.

Sue Jordan said...

Hahahaha Caz, that's hilarious. Hate those mo' fo's :D

Sue Jordan said...

Oh blahhdy people that tell you to cheer up when you're perfectly fine. STAHP!

Sue Jordan said...

Presactly! There's a time and a place, that unfollow button isn't there for decoration ;)

Sue Jordan said...

Only makes me want to scoff more! Sweinhunds :)

Sue Jordan said...

Laughed so much at this. Hilarious, Fancy Face!

Unknown said...

Hahaha this is brilliant...

1. people who smoke right beside the bus stop / or right up to the minute they get on the train, i do not need your cloud of smoke.

2. really loud music that the whole bus can flipping hear..

3. speaking really loud on the phone like you said!!!

I'm very irritable in the am!!