Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Revlon Red Velvet: The Lip Butter that Changed my Mind

I had pretty much written off the Revlon Lip Butter movement and all its balmy efforts with my last three purchases because truthfully they whelmed me. But when I caught glimpse of one of this years newest additions swatched online, I knew Red velvet might just be the one to sway me. 

Praise Jebus I was right. I'm going to let the pictures take over at this point because LOOK: 

First Step: The torturous task of finding blog props to photograph before use!

Rich and Moist just like its namesake

Revlon's Red velvet is a deep red with pink/plum leanings
You can almost taste it, right?
I'm just shocked the cake lasted this long
On the actual kisser. Red Velvet, it makes me smile, wha? 
I think what thrilled me more than anything else with this lip butter is the fact that it didn't bleed or feather on my lips. Now I know I'm no Spring chuck but I've never had a difficulty with feathering before and the thoughts of carrying 'round a lip pencil just for my lip balm was far too much faff to be doing with. 

Not only is Red Velvet soft, moisturising and fairly long wearing (2 hrs approx) but it's the most flattering red I've worn in a while, considering my aversion to bright colours. I've had several compliments while wearing this shade and you know what? That makes me happy. 

There are five limited edition Revlon lip butter shades available for Summer 2013 with the last two here joining the permanent collection: Wild Water / Juicy Papaya / Sorbet / Pink Lemonade / Brown Sugar / Red Velvet / Sugar Plum. Thankfully Red Velvet made the cut!

You can check out the other shades in action, Brown Sugar especially over here on Sunday Girl's delectable blog. Truth be told I'm not sure I'll be picking up any others though I know for a fact I'll be stocking up on this. Thankfully they're 3 for 2 at the minute in Boots. 

What think we? 


Nurse Fancy Pants said...

That's a beautiful shade, have to say I really liked the lip butters when they first came out but only ever got one for some reason so I may need to check this out! x

Lovely Girlie Bits said...

That's a gorge shade on you, I've a hankering for Tutti Fruiti, just for the name ;)

Unknown said...

What? I love my lip butters (then again I only have two), red velvet looks really nice, really like how it perfectly matched the cake :)

Susan said...

I LOVE how you hunted down and made the Red Velvet cake as your prop for the lippie. Such a nice touch x

Anonymous said...

I love red velvet cake...I haven't tried out the lip butters yet, but this colour looks gorgeous on you :)

Caz said...

Love Revlon lip butters, normally I use brown sugar but my local Boots don't stock it anymore. :( Lovin' the red velvet! The red tone isn't too deep, fab!