Friday, April 05, 2013

NOTD: Neon Nude Ruffian (Half Moon) Mani with a Simple How To

Nails today are my nudge to the Summer to get it's act in order and get here quick. I've experimented with neon on nude nail art before and I honestly don't think there's a colour contrast I like more. 

Here I've given the Ruffian (Half moon mani) a shot and the results, though a little wobbly are very nice indeed. Fancy giving them a shot? 

  1. Start with a thin white basecoat to make the colours (especially the nude) stand out. I used Essie Blanc though any white will do. 
  2. Place your nail art brush on the centre of the nail top and and round to each side. If you're not too steady you can always use 'hole reinforcers'. (I picked this neon nail art polish up in Dealz for €1.49 btw)
  3. Use your first coat of nude polish (Essie Brooch the Subject) to perfect the neon line. And your second coat to build the nude colour. 
  4. A high shine top coat seals all layers together beautifully and gives a smooth, salon finish. 
Instagram, yo! (I'm over at @ItsCherrySue by the by)

Neon and Nude: Best o' Buds
Stunners in the sunshine!
Will you be giving these a go? I'm fairly sure if we all have a blast Summer won't have a choice but to show up, right? RIGHT?!

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Lovely Girlie Bits said...

I need that neon polish! Great work bridie