Monday, April 01, 2013

Monday's Moments: 01/01/13

If a Monday is a Bank Holiday is it even a Monday at all? These are the things that occupy my mind on occasion. Because I'm in flying form I very nearly didn't need Monday's Moments but a lot of great things have been happening lately so here we are Moment'ing it up: 

1. Fáilte Abhaile, Poindexter!

I almost forgot what Don Juan de Marco here looked like as for the past fortnight he's been staying with his Grandad while his Nan sunned herself. They manly manned it up over there and wouldn't even answer my calls or texts, except to send me things like this

Well he arrived home this weekend and I didn't realise I missed him so much until he got here. Whether just having him to randomly bate in the hallway or ducking sock missiles he lobs at me, the place just wasn't the same without this flamin' gallah'. (I'll never survive him fecking off for college this year) 

2. Score, Literally!

Since I've been without a mo mo, I've been bussing it and walking everywhere. This here lime beauty is my walking jacket that's been keeping me toasty while I do it. Of course it means I'm shoving stuff in it's 3 million pockets for safe keeping but not necessarily remembering. 

There's nothing quite like rummaging through old receipts two days before Pay Day to discover a crispy blue manna from heaven.  I'd imagine it's how Lotto winners feel. Kinda. 

3. It's a Twofer, Sorta

I showed you my new camera a couple of weeks back. It's kind of my new baby and even the dog has gotten the stink eye when he's tried to get too close. Well, when ordering from Pixmania, I was completely remiss and didn't order a mála for protection or general lugging about. 

That brings us to last Friday perusing the Dundrum shopping centre and realising there's a half price sale on in the camera shop. This beauty was originally €39.99 but reduced to €19.99! When eyeing it up for compartments the sales assistant said 'Isn't it lovely? It could double as a handbag!' Ehhhhm, SOLD! (I totally won't be using it as a handbag) 

4. One for You, One for Me!

Once every couple of months I have to clear out my product stash. Other than that I'd be inundated with both samples (Praise the Lord) and my own purchases (Lord Help Me!) In order to do this I make up goodie bags for my nearest and dearest. 

While doing my latest round I happened upon this polka dot delight that I vaguely remember seeing the corner of from an event in Harvey Nichols. Nope I had no clue it was a deep, drawstring Moschino wash bag! It was like finding a Christmas pressie I'd no idea I'd gotten. I'm sorry pals and kin alike but there was no way I could part with it. Belated thanks a million, Harvey Nic's!

5. Let There be Light!

One advantage (just the one, mind) of having Himself wandering the halls of Casa Cherry of late is that he has an innate need to DIY homely things. It's not that I don't see the things that need to be done, it's just that they're on my never ending Tuh Doo list. 

Well this week he surprised me by refitting the lights in both the hall and the landing, I'd actually gotten used to wearing a miner's helmet when going out to make tea of an evening. Anywho, the place could pretty much guide ships home at this stage and I'm thrilled. Just one little thing... now that we're completely lit up I can see the scuffs in the paint work... and the chips in the banisters... and the cracks in the floors. This dude's good deeds are going to cost me a fortune!

Tell me, what's been chasing away your Monday Blues this week, eh? 


Clodagh said...

Finding money,ahh there's nothing like it is there? That is the cutes little camera ever,I want one x

Makeup Over Mind said...

Fab-u-loss as always Sue! That camera bag is so cute!! First, I must get a fancy camera...hmmm...

rachelle said...

love these posts but don't comment half enough! sorry x

i've been feeling shitty as per, but got scanned yesterday and my lil bean is thriving! so that was defo. my peak of the week!
getting my "big"scan on friday eeeek xx