Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cherry Link Love: Nails, Nails, Nails!

How do, Week 2! For those of you that have just joined us I'll run through the 'guidelines' really quickly (you can also check out Week 1 below): 

Guidelines for Cherry Link Love 

  • Link up one of your posts in your comment that best suits the topic
  • Be sure to leave your CherrySue follower ID so that I can backlink
  • Take a mo to check out the other lovely links
  • Share the love, by commenting on posts or tweeting fellow bloggers (we all know how great it feels to get a supportive comment.)
  • Pay it forward: By Rt'ing links or just spreading the #CherryLinkLove word

Last weeks post was hugely successful in terms of stats with one day alone seeing 3,767 hits but more importantly connections were made and people found a platform to meet each other - at the end of the day that's what the blogging community should be all about, no? 

This weeks topic is one that I'm a little nutty about NAILS so if you have a post about nails, nail art, nail polish or anything of it's ilk link it on up below. I reckon the one (of hundreds) of mine that best fits the bill would be Handy Do's & Don'ts for Tip Top Talons

Remember to just have fun with it, if you don't have a link that fits, link up a favourite blogger (with their permission of course) and be sure to share the love by spreading the word. Hopefully we'll have a fabulous list of new and older blogs and we'll all learn a little suh'im suh'im. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Cherry Link Love Week 1: Getting to Know YOU!

Lovely Nail Links!

Its Only Makeup, John
Here Comes Clo
A Beauty Moment
High Life of Mars
Marilyn Walsh
Bright and Beautyfull
Rare Opal
Very Lovely Stuff
Squidgy Moments
Colour Me loud
Miss Green Eyes
Glamour & Go
Happy Bubble Gal
The Oxford Owl


Anonymous said...

OH HAI SUE!Funny enough, through pure coincidence, I've got a nail post up today! It's on the soon-to-launch Sally Hansen collection

Lovin' your work, bloggums!

Unknown said...

I'm not great at nails, so here is my one and only post on nails.

Unknown said...

Hi! First time, so hopefully I'm doing this correctly...
I have a Spring Nails post here
Check it out :)

Marian McCarthy said...

Hi Sue, Loving this link love :) I knew you'd have a nail one soon! I am also nail obsessed but weirdly don't have that many nail posts :/ So my link is one of my most fave NOTD. It's very plain but pretty and perfect for Summer :)

Looking forward to reading everyone else's posts :)

Unknown said...

I think this is a great idea. I didn't participate last week, as I haven't really posted about myself or anything on my blog yet (it's only new!), and my About Me is weak :p

Since my blog is completely nail-centred, I figure this one would be a good one to contribute to! :) Here's a recent mani I loved wearing, and was sad to take off. Hope you enjoy!

Loving the nail posts commented already! :)

Sue Conley said...

Here's that Dr Lewinn's link — full of other links, too. A veritable fest of linkage.

Breige said...

Haha, I figured nails would come up pretty soon for Link Love! I would have picked it to be the second one too.

I have a good few nail looks on my blog, not as much as you do here though. Here's my cupcake nails!

Chloe said...

This is an ancient post, but when it gets sunny, I love doing a bright Skittles manicure!

SquidgeMundo said...

Hey Sue! Last week I took a chance and nail art'd my lil ol' nails! The theme for the week? Polka dots! :)

Check out my Summer polka do nails here :)

Stop bye and say hi! xxxx

saw said...

Hi Sue,
I love your blog and this idea. My favorite nail post is this one, it tells a funny story so there is almost no like between the pics and the story ;-) I also have some other story telling nail polish comparison posts, if one enjoy this. Here we go:

S said...

I did nails yesterday morning for the first time in AGES!

Marc Jacobs for Diet Coke NOTD:

Great idea, off to read the rest of the posts linked now x

Glamour & Go said...

I think the most adventurous nails I tried and blogged about was what I call a 'matt manicure':

Username: Glamour & Go
Post: Matt Manicure NOTD

Can't wait to read the other bloggers posts!

Happy Bubble Gal said...

Great post, I guessed Nails would feature soon (my fave)
Just spent a lovely half hour looking at all the links in the comments and thought twud be rude not to include mine after having a nosey at everyone elses ;) lol

This was my attempt at Neon Nails..

Asha said...

Hi! Lovely idea, I've spent some time looking at all the pretty posts in the comments :)

I'm pretty pleased with today's nails, so here's a link to that post:

Hope you like them!

neadiez said...

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