Saturday, 13 April 2013

Cherry Link Love: Getting to Know YOU!

Here we are, day one of what will hopefully be a very successful series for everyone. I mentioned in my most recent Monday's Moments that this little old blog has been consistently reaching and topping 45,000 views per month for the past few months and as a way to celebrate, to say thank you to everyone that drops by and to share some of the phenomenal stat love I'm launching this series today. 

The workings are very simple, I'll come up with a title Nails, Haircare etc and you link your favourite post that fits the bill. I will then backlink each post in the body of the post for that week. Easy, right? 

Hopefully we'll see a showcase of some of the best posts out there from new and older blogs and we'll all find not only great hints and tips but also some fab new people to follow. 

This week, as it's our first I thought we'd start with a 'Getting to Know You' link list. So whether it be a link directly to your 'About Me' section or to a post that you feel will tell us the most about you then get linking below. 

I'll start the proceedings with the post that I think says the most about me as a person  A Letter to 19 Year Old Me, it's heartfelt and personal and hopefully gives us a little insight into what makes me tick (as opposed to thick, natch).

I'll stop waffling now, get linking in the comments, lovelies, be sure to include the user name you use to follow me so I can upload backlinks, of course if you don't blog personally you can link a favourite blogger (with their permission of course). I will update this post on Monday, continue to promote it for the week and create a permanent button in the sidebar so we should all share in the stat love. 

Happy Saturday, everyone! 

Here we are: 19 lovely links so far, let's start getting to know each other and sharing the love shall we?  

If you're a CherrySue follower and haven't added yours yet please feel free to do so in the comments any time. Today alone, 17th April 2013 this post has gotten almost 3,5000 views - amazing stuff!

The Agoraphobic Fashionista 
Nurse Fancy Pants
The High Life of Mars
Here Are My Bytes
Views from a Tin Bin
Here Comes Clo
Flying Changes
Dee-Lightful Thoughts
Very Lovely Stuff
Glitter Mama Wishes
Make Up for Dolls
Girl Friday's Beauty Blog
Rare Opal
Squidgy Moments

Absolutely loved reading each and every post, if you did too then please remember to share a little comment love on the post in question - we all know what a thrill it is to get comments right? 

I'll update again before this Friday and be sure to pop back on Saturday for a new Cherry Link Love topic!

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