Monday, April 29, 2013

Cherry Link Love for #BBloggers: Hair Care

First up, a slight apology as I spent the guts of the weekend with my head under the duvet trying to fend off the flu, Cherry Link Love never made it up on Saturday. 

On the bright side though, it's now found a slot on Monday afternoons that will not only get a lot more exposure but hopefully will attract a few more bloggers to join in. 

This week we're talking hair care so if you have a post related to hair care do please link it below. Again, have fun with it, whether your post is to do with products, hair looks or even hair care implements we'd all love to see. 

For the day that's in it I'll share my most popular hair care post about the infamous Sleep in Rollers - more aptly called INSOMNIA ROLLERS. Come, have a chuckle at my expense. 

Guidelines for Cherry Link Love 
  • Link up one of your posts in your comment that best suits the topic
  • Be sure to leave your CherrySue follower ID so that I can backlink
  • Take a mo to check out the other lovely links
  • Share the love, by commenting on posts or tweeting fellow bloggers (we all know how great it feels to get a supportive comment.)
  • Pay it forward: By Rt'ing links or just spreading the #CherryLinkLove word


Unknown said...

Here's my link to one of my fav hair products
Thanks Sue!!

Glamour & Go said...

Sue I can't tell you how much I enjoy Love Links - so many posts that I would otherwise not have seen. Fantastic idea thanks for your work and generosity!

Username: Glamour & Go
Post: How To Ombre Hair (From Black)

Thanks x

Breige said...

Hope you're feeling better Sue!

I have a few hair posts on my blog, mainly ones where I try out styles I've seen on Pinterest. This is my favourite hair post though, girls' moods just before cutting hair, just after having it cut and a few days later

It rang true to me at the time of the post as I had just cut my hair. However it happens most time I cut it!

Anonymous said...

I'm generally not a beauty blogger, but I do recommend an excellent at home dye here:

I think hair is my kryptonite - I'm pretty good with clothes and makeup (usually), but I just have problems with my hair. It's thin and slightly wavy.

Anyway, cheers CherrySue!

Anonymous said...

I love rooting through these links in the comments, finding loads of new reads!

S said...

Thanks for all the links, have found loads of new stuff to read.

My one & only hair post (I think) was an ode to my favourite straighteners - in which I actually used the phrase "the proof of the pudding is in the eating" - lord jaysus. Anyway - tis here:

Unknown said...

Love your blog! Very good work! Take a look at mine and be a member too if you like it! Thank you!