Thursday, 25 April 2013

Things that Rustle My Jimmies

So it would seem last week's pilot post went down a treat, I'm thrilled but unfortunately my jimmies continue to be rustled on the regular so here we are with round two:

1. Letting someone out in a ten minute traffic jam and they don't thank you. 

 photo KWGoP_zps2c67b71e.gif

2. 'Dear Blogger, we're so excited to exclusively reveal to you our top secret product' .....THAT YOU SAW ON ANOTHER BLOG WEEKS AGO!

 photo wKTl4dP_zps42204586.gif

3. Paying top dollar for a beauty treatment when you could've done a better job yourself. 

rage gif photo: #rage rage.gif

4. Blog 'reviews' on skincare products TWO DAYS after the product is sent/bought. 

 photo britney-confused_zps9eff516a.gif

5. People standing so close to you in queues that you've to tell them to dismount!

 photo tumblr_mjgicq6RlE1rh4mwfo1_400_zps8d744f96.gif

Tell me, what's been rustling your jimmies this week then? Sharing is caring and also decreases feelings of stabbiness. True story. 

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