Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Understated Neon Nails with Simple How To

Oh my, CherrySue, with these nail posts you are really spoiling us - you're thinking it, aren't you? That or 'For the love of Jebus ANOTHER polish post! Either way, it's here, 
let's take a mo to take it in, shall we? 

I picked up this slate grey/neon zipped fleece hoody in Penney's (Primark) last week for the princely sum of €12. Not only is it super soft and keeping me toasty while I awkwardly jog/amble (jamble?) around the park but it's also wooing me with its neon loveliness. 
Of course I had to recreate it in a nail look. 

What have every one of my nail looks got in common? Yep, stoopid simplicity and this one's no different. The toothpick can be replaced with a bobby pin or dotting tool or even the nib of a Bic pen but the results are the same. 

The effect is a little more subtle than the in your face neons I've been sporting of late but I really kinda like it. 

What do we reckon? 

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