Thursday, April 11, 2013

Things to Make You Go 'LOL'. Literally

Hey, Thursday, fancy meeting you here. Just a quick heads up for all you lahhhvely new followers *waves* each Thursday I have five things that have made me literally LOL. I'm not talking a smirk, grin or snort, I'm talking full on laugh out loud - the aim of course is to get you to do the same. Ready? 

  1. This video of a dog eating peanut butter is seriously good. Not only the dog being a hooman but the chap videoing it had me in creases. 
  2. Reasons My Son is Crying had me laughing maniacally this week. Not only because it's so very true (as any parent/sitter of a toddler will tell you) but also because I'm never, ever going back to that. Mommas and Poppas of little people, I salute you. 
  3. This post about a bird on a co workers car is so random it's bloody hilarious. Even thinking about it now, it makes me chuckle. 'I'm so gorgeous I could...'
  4. This picture of Twitter doing what Twitter does best. Perfection. 
  5. This blog featuring Angry People in Local Newspapers does exactly what it says on its hilarious tin. LOVE IT. 
And that's them, five things that made me laugh out loud, literally. 

Let me know if they worked for you and as ever share your link love in the comments and let me know what's making you guffaw this week.  

Happy almost weekend, everyone!

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