Thursday, April 04, 2013

Things to Make You Go 'LOL'. Literally

Loving these short weeks with a burning passion, you? We find ourselves once again at Thursday, Friday eve, the weekends eve eve - any way you slice it, it's the day for some literal LOLs. Ready? 

  1. Holy Moly not only warmed my cockles with a Rideface being manly post this week but they also introduced me to one of the most magnificent gifs I've ever seen. Behold and prepare to LOL loudly.  
  2. What's the most statistically improbable thing to ever happen to you? While you mull that one over check out these Redditors' answers and laugh your head off. 
  3. I'm a big fan of the Twitter page @uokhun so imagine my delight when an Irish genius brought the idea to a Facebook platform with U OK Hun xxxx. Posting regularly, this page will tickle you in the cruelest way possible.  
  4. I'll readily admit I'm a dog lady all day every day and this video proves why. Check out this big hairy baby playing dead when it's bath time. Bloody hilarious.  
  5. Novelty Twitter accounts can be hit and miss but Surprised Pat is the first that makes me literally LOL with every single tweet. Check out his back catalogue there. Comedy gold!
C'est ca! Five genuine LOL posts. Tell me, did they work? 

As ever share your link love in the comments and let me know what's making you guffaw this week.  

Happy almost weekend, everyone!


laura said...

Cherry Sue,thanks so much for putting me in a good mood - Brilliant post,laughing my socks off here! Brilliant post x

Anonymous said...

Yup, the Reddit ones got me!