Thursday, 18 April 2013

Things that Rustle My Jimmies: Pilot Post

I happened to mention a couple of times during the week about the rare occasions upon which my jimmies are rustled. Apparently people like that shizz so I thought a tester post might be in order. 

My jimmies naturally remain unrustled, it says right there in my bio that I'm a cocktail half full kinda gal. I'm an eternal silver lining seeker but sometimes, just sometimes, UGH! 

Want to know what's rustling my jimmies this week? 

1. Irish people with a put on upward inflection. 
Are you asking me or telling me? 

 photo e0J9dxJ_zpsaea63f1d.gif

2. Passive Aggressive 'Some People' Tweets

 photo x3AIc_zps6a915310.gif

3. People doing a Dom Joly and talking LOUDLY on the phone. Especially in lifts or quiet offices. 
 photo llama-stare_zpse69e87b6.gif

4. Spam Comments. Relentless, 
Jaysus Spam Comments!

 photo aint-nobody-got-time-for-that_zpsddb33124.gif

5. Giving advice that's asked for and subsequently ignored creating a catastrophic sh*tstorm. 

 photo bvRy6_zps2e0b876d.gif

Tell me, what's rustled your jimmies this week? It's kinda cathartic to share!

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