Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Models Own Ice Neon Collection with Swatches

You'll have seen Model's Own new Ice Neon collection doing the rounds over the past week or so. Because I'm a marketer's dream and a sucker for a good neon, I did too and they weren't going to go unowned once I had. All I can say is Thanks, Boots, your 3 for 2 or in my usual case 9 for 6 has helped me out once more.

There's five eye watering neons in this latest Model's Own collection, each housed in frosted glass bottles and the instructions to keep them refrigerated to keep the 'Fluoro flavour' really bright. While it's true polishes should be kept cool and dark, I'm not sure I'll be giving up my Flora's fridge spot for several polishes. Besides, I tried, it makes no odds at all. 

Bubble Gum is a bright neon pink, dries to a matte finish (as they all do) and is easily my pick of the bunch. This is two coats that went on beautifully. 
Absolute stunner. 

I wanted to love Luis Lemon, I really did. Unfortunately the formulation lets it down. Too streaky for two coats and too gloopy for three, you won't be able to wear this shade without using the white base coat trick. I'll still be sporting this come Summer because neon yellow is one of my favourite shades but it'll take more time for application. 

Toxic Apple is one of the brightest greens I've seen. Though the formulation is slightly better than Luis Lemon, the nail bed is still visible after two coats. Not my favourite look from a polish. Again, I'd advise a thin white base coat with this one. 
Reckon I'll be keeping this for my Summer time tootsies. 

Model's Own Ice Neon Collection are priced at €7.65 each in Boots and are on 3 for 2 at the minute or you could pick up the entire collection for £20 on the Model's Own website

Tell moi, which one's your fave? 

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